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There are more ways to win during family game night than passing GO and collecting $200. Aside from teaching children about patience, taking turns and teamwork, lessons are waiting to be learned with each toss of the dice.
Board games can serve as a subtle learning tool. Problem solving, projecting and memory are all cognitive skills that are developed through the activity. For instance, Clue is good for learning deductive reasoning. Monopoly is ideal for teaching beginning budget skills, and Yahtzee provides a fun way to teach simple addition and multiplication. Memory and Battleship are games that require strategic thinking, and children develop information-processing skills without even knowing it!
Kids can strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills with time-honored Scrabble tiles. And, of course, geography knowledge is developed with games such as Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Even autistic children benefit from playing board games, learning motor and social skills. Autistic children enjoy following a set of rules, so this teaching technique is especially helpful.
Beyond cognitive skills, board games teach kids life skills such as patience, concentration and perseverance. By taking turns, following rules and even losing a game, kids learn skills that they can apply at school and in the home.
Even with all of the worries about today’s economy, families can still enjoy fun, entertaining evenings together and stay on budget by playing board games, all the while offering an “edutainment” experience for their children.

According to a recent survey conducted by Hasbro, 48 percent of Americans believe that a family game night is the most enjoyable form of family bonding, ranking higher than watching movies, cooking and playing sports together. Three in four Americans would rather play board games than video games at a family reunion or gathering.

We have them, kids don't even know

by -AlwaysAnon

My DH owns one video game system and it is kept in our room, hidden from the kids. My kids do not even know we own it. DH plays for a few hours a week, however after the kids play. Neither of us had video games growing up and we got along just fine without them. I don't feel anyone NEEDS to have them. If my kids want a game to play, we have plenty of board games they can play with, with their siblings. We also have a computer for the kids to use and each has an educational (somewhat) game on there.As a teacher, I see the effects of video games on SOME children. I cannot say video games have negative effects on all kids, but there are negative effects on some. No one ever say "I...

Clue Classic
Video Games ()
  • 2 different game modes for varied play - Classic and No Die Roll
  • 3 difficulty levels to keep you challenged
  • Electronically keep track of the clues you gather
  • Clever 3D animation of game board as well as original overhead view
  • Platform:Windows Vista / XP; Media: PC CD-ROM Software
Great Flappy And Simple Apps Flag Quiz Game
Mobile Application (Great Flappy And Simple Apps)
  • ags Quiz Game is best world flags puzzle app with online scoreboard and multi-player challenge! Better than any IPhone Appstore analogue.
  • The addictive app supports two different game modes, Hints and clues and worldwide high score leader-board.
  • Use hints if you don t know the answer to complete the game!
  • Learn flags of world countries with this fun game.
  • Learn and train your memory and brain in this educational, fun game.
  • Flags are displayed and one at a time, you must guess the country of the flag.
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