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Benefits of Board Games for Kids

"As simple as these games look, the developmental, social and educational benefits board games can provide to young preschool aged children are huge. Here is a list of few benefits these educational board games can provide to preschool aged kids."

Are There Any Benefits Of Playing Board Games For Children?

In this article Yogi Shinde discusses these points:

  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Learning social skills
  • Winning and losing battles
  • Learning their shapes and colors
  • Making their decisions

Yogi Shinde is a busy Mum and webmaster of kids games website.

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"I am a board game nut. I get excited when Christmas rolls around and all the new games show up in the stores. I also love the classics. So why, in a world of electronic entertainment, do I love board games? There’s no single reason. I’ve learned over the years that board games offer a variety of benefits for people of all ages. Some are directly finance-related, such as learning about money, and others benefit your bottom-line indirectly with lower health costs and inexpensive entertainment."

The Benefits of Board Games

In this article Jennifer Derrick discusses these points:
  • Learn about money
  • Helps kids develop many skills
  • Inexpensive quality time
  • Stress relief
  • Physical activity
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"Over the years I have played numerous games with my children, husband and family but this past weekend I watched my teenage son play a game with his friends. It was not a new site but I started thinking about what I really saw.
Here were 3 teen boys not playing video games, nor watching TV or hanging out at the corner store. They were away from their computers, cell phones and were not texting each other. For the time they sat around our kitchen table, time stopped and the boys celebrated life for some of its basic pleasures; Friendship, competition, communications, and fun."

Benefits of Playing Board Games

In this article Reisa Schwartzman discusses these points:
  • It enhances your ability to interact with other people. It tests your sportsmanship in a competitive environment.
  • The ability to focus on the game helps to increase the capacity to concentrate.
  • Determinations to fight and win as well as patience are promoted by playing board games.
  • Games...

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^ - ^ need Flash etc help for games class

by beginner_stupid

I signed up for a games class this semester and attended about half the classes. Mostly because I thought I would just never "get it." Well, now I am really into the content and have a game (rules, rewards/punishment) and have a little of the Flash -- I can make one character move right left north south, but I need some help.
A real person to help me would be the best but any Web sites to help would be good too: thanks for your suggestions!
I have the game's narrative done, have sketched out story board but I am clearly behind the old gamers in the class.
(My game is for educational purposes only.)
Many thanks for your suggestions.

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