Best educational board games Kids

The Best Board Games to Play with Your Kids

Electronic gaming is a given for today’s children, but it comes with a price: isolation. Most are played with the kid’s eyes glued to a screen, big or small, and no interaction with anyone else in your house. To have some family time, think old school: the board games of your youth. They’re time-tested, fun in a gather-round-the-table way, and—compared to, say, an iPad—dirt cheap. So find the boxes and tell your kids to trade in their controllers for game pieces. These top 10 board games will keep your kids entertained … and teach them a thing or two about life.

1.) Life

The quintessential board game, Life’s grand appeal is right in its title. Take one wrong spin on the big wheel and you could end up at the poor farm. But if you’re smart with your money (and get a little lucky), you could prosper—with a summerhouse and a couple rug rats, to boot. Though your kids may be tempted to hop on the business track and cash out more quickly, urge them to pick the college route instead. You’ll teach them the value of a good education when they end the game with a fat stack of money.

2.) Monopoly

Your son might be a cutthroat businessman hiding in the body of a 9-year-old boy. You won’t know it until you sit the family down for a night with this classic Parker Brothers game, which has a habit of bringing out the best—and worst—in us. Taking risky gambles on expensive property highlights a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, but making under-the-table deals and backstabbing the competition for a bigger slice of the real-estate pie says something about you, too. A full game of Monopoly can last upwards of 5 hours, but there are ways to play for just 60 minutes. Whichever you choose, it’s time well-spent.

3.) Scrabble

Forget trying to build your daughter’s vocabulary by writing out definition after definition on the backs of flashcards. Square off with her in an intense game of Scrabble instead, where she can hurriedly piece letters together to form words that neither of you even knew existed until you consulted the game’s official dictionary. If you happen to catch her spouting off robotic words like “apodosis” and “zax” in her spare time, you can be sure she didn’t pick those up in English class. Once you’ve conquered Scrabble, word games like Bananagrams and Boggle are just as fun and intellectually stimulating.

^ - ^ need Flash etc help for games class

by beginner_stupid

I signed up for a games class this semester and attended about half the classes. Mostly because I thought I would just never "get it." Well, now I am really into the content and have a game (rules, rewards/punishment) and have a little of the Flash -- I can make one character move right left north south, but I need some help.
A real person to help me would be the best but any Web sites to help would be good too: thanks for your suggestions!
I have the game's narrative done, have sketched out story board but I am clearly behind the old gamers in the class.
(My game is for educational purposes only.)
Many thanks for your suggestions.

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