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With the cold winter months quickly approaching, you’re no doubt looking for ways to keep your family busy when you’re all trapped in the house together. (By “trapped, ” I of course mean “spending quality time.”) And what better way to entertain everyone than with a fun, challenging board game?

My two boys, Sam (11) and Jack (9) absolutely love playing games, so the three of us were very excited to test out a few and see what we liked the best. Please note that they beat me at every single one of these games, but I will not let my bitterness influence any of the following reviews because I am a mature person. (But couldn’t they have let me win at least one round of something? Is that too much to ask from your children?)

Here are the games we tried out:

Centuries old and played around the world, Mancala is a “count-and-capture” game designed for two players. There are many versions of it, but the one we played was called “The Game of Collecting Gemstones.”

Our Mancala was very simple in design; just a wood, foldable playing board with carved out holes to hold the “gemstones.” The object of the game is to move all of your gems out of your small holes and into your large pocket (or Mancala) before your opponent does.blokus reviewed It’s deceptively simple because, as we discovered, it actually requires sharp counting, strategy and planning skills to win. Sam really liked this one. Ages 6 to Adult. Price $9-10.

The Good: Portable, great price ($9-10), challenging

The Bad: Only two players, kids who aren’t drawn to slow strategy games might be bored

I’m always leery of anything touting itself as a “hilarious party game, ” but we actually had a lot of fun playing this card game of comparisons. Players hold Red Apple Cards with words on them like “Unicorn” or “Ghosts, ” then the judge (a position that alternates each turn) plays a Green Apple card with a one-word characteristic on it like “Chewy” or “Scary.” Players must then play the card they think is the best match and the judge determines who’s right.

apples to apples jr reviewed qwirkle reviewed spot-it! reviewed skippity reviewed

^ - ^ need Flash etc help for games class

by beginner_stupid

I signed up for a games class this semester and attended about half the classes. Mostly because I thought I would just never "get it." Well, now I am really into the content and have a game (rules, rewards/punishment) and have a little of the Flash -- I can make one character move right left north south, but I need some help.
A real person to help me would be the best but any Web sites to help would be good too: thanks for your suggestions!
I have the game's narrative done, have sketched out story board but I am clearly behind the old gamers in the class.
(My game is for educational purposes only.)
Many thanks for your suggestions.

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