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blokus-board-gameBoard games have been around for a long time and they have brought fun entertainment to kids, adults and families. When asked about the best or perhaps the most popular board game, many would surely pop on your mind such as the Monopoly, Sorry and Life among others.

It’s a fact that the traditional board games for adults and kids are still around but many have also been introduced in the market. But it’s not all about edging out the old ones because the benefit here is that people now have more choices when it comes to selecting the form of entertainment they prefer.

Games played using a board and pieces vary in the number and ages of players, themes and time allowed. Some require only two players while the others can be played by two or more people.


Carcassonne-boardBlokus is an abstract strategy game that uses colored pieces in the shape of a Tetris. The goal is for all players to use all their pieces to the board but only touching corners of the colors assigned to them.

This is ideal for kids ages five and up as well as for adults.


This is a very popular and interesting board game for families and even involves expansion games. It can be played for an hour.

The objective here is for players to build a countryside by connecting tiles. They can create cities, farms and roads. When they place meeples or the miniature people on various tiles, they will be able to gain points.


scrabble-boardFor families who want to improve their kids’ vocabulary and even their own, the Scrabble is the best educational board game to play. It can be played by two to four people.

The Scrabble’s game board involves 15×15 squares each of which can accommodate a letter and displays a specific number of points. The goal is to create words that will give a player as much points as possible. The words used must be available in the dictionary.


Sequence is a very simple yet fun game for the family. It helps improve family bonding when played regularly.

The idea is to play a card and place a token. A team just needs to get 5 in a row to win.

Board_Game_Sequence ticket to ride

^ - ^ need Flash etc help for games class

by beginner_stupid

I signed up for a games class this semester and attended about half the classes. Mostly because I thought I would just never "get it." Well, now I am really into the content and have a game (rules, rewards/punishment) and have a little of the Flash -- I can make one character move right left north south, but I need some help.
A real person to help me would be the best but any Web sites to help would be good too: thanks for your suggestions!
I have the game's narrative done, have sketched out story board but I am clearly behind the old gamers in the class.
(My game is for educational purposes only.)
Many thanks for your suggestions.

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How many rooms r there in a board game of cluedo?

Nine - Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study.

How many rooms are in the board game Cluedo?

Rooms in the game Cluedo There are nine 'incident' rooms around the board, and one 'clue' room in the center of the board.
 In clockwise order, the names of the rooms are:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Ballroom (Patio in the 2008 version*)
  3. Conservatory (Spa, 2008 )
  4. Billiard Room (Theater, 2008)
  5. Library (Living Room, 2008)
  6. Study (Observatory, 2008)
  7. Hall
  8. Lounge (Guest House, 2008)
  9. Dining Room

The center 'clue room' is the Cellar ('Pool' in the 2008 version)
* The 2008 version of Cluedo is called 'Clue: Discover the Secrets ' or 'Cluedo: Discover the Secrets.'

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