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murderAll of the board games that we now consider the “Classics” were not the only games of the their times, and this notion tends to get lost in discussion. Each had competitors that were often surprisingly similar in theme, in setup, and sometimes even in game pieces. There were the abstract strategy games, trivia games, war games, and games, each imparting different lessons to its players: tactical placement, positional advantage, the rewards of seemingly needless knowledge, the inherent evils of capitalism…

What makes the games we remember “Classics” is the simple fact that due to a certain level of strategy, rules clarity, or more often, just marketing, these are the ones that endured in the cultural mindset while their competitors have been forgotten. In effect, these were the best games of their eras, and they’ve stuck around as a result.

A Party to Die For

When it comes to teaching deductive reasoning, however, nothing even approaches the level of public consciousness like Clue. It made its introduction in 1949 in Britain under the name Cluedo, which was a play on the word “ludo”, a Latin word for “game”, and also the name of a popular game in England at the time (ah yes… a British pun).clue cat Since then, generations of players have been journeying to the Boddy Mansion for a dinner party, and, on a dark and stormy night, try to find out which of their fellow guests have committed a heinous murder.

For those who somehow have never played, each player takes one of the six characters who offer no mechanical differences except name and starting location. Mr. Green doesn’t move any faster than Mrs. Peacock, nor does Colonel Mustard’s military history give him any advantages.

Captain Peacock, the late husband of Mrs. PeacockPlayers compete against each other to determine who killed Mr. Boddy, in which room on the board it happened, and what the murder weapon was. These three variables are represented by a stack of cards, each having a Suspect, Weapon or Room. One of each is randomly chosen and put unseen in a little envelope in the center of the board. The remainder of the cards are shuffled together and dealt out as evenly as possible amongst the players. Players also receive a sheet to keep track of their investigation.

ClueFrom here on out, it’s a process of elimination. If you hold cards labeled “Kitchen”, “Study”, “Lead Pipe” and “Professor Plum”, then you know that those cards can’t be in the envelope, and so aren’t a part of the solution. Every turn, a player rolls a die to move their piece. Once per turn, if they are inside a room, they may make a guess about the solution that must include the room they’re in:

“I think… it might be Miss Scarlet, with the revolver, in the kitchen.”

Starting to the player’s left, each opponent must try to disprove the theory by revealing one card to the guessing player (and only that player) that matches part of the guess. If they do, the guessing player marks it on their sheet and end their turn. If that player can’t, the next player tries, and so on.

UBI Soft Cranium Kabookii - Nintendo Wii
Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • New questions and 15 activities: your teams will be playing music, drawing, acting, puzzling, and even cracking codes to win.
  • Inspired by the Cranium board game: Play activities within the 4 categories used in the board game (Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm and Star Performer).
  • Unlimited players: Up to four teams, each with two or more players of all ages, can compete against each other.
  • Fun use the Wii Remote™: spray paint, chalk, and disappearing ink, spin a globe to solve trivia puzzles, and perform hilarious feats!
  • Includes special Kabookii Decoder Glasses: unveil secret clues on the TV without revealing them to other players in the room.
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