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Get a Clue — Board Games in the Video Age

But we used to love Clue when the kids were growing up. Scrabble, Boggle... anything with words these days.

I also belong to a board games group at my local AAUW chapter. Very therapeutic with lots of laughter. Our favorite is Cranium (see, we're brainy ladies) and also a card game called Quiddler.

Kidding me? We loved Clue and we played it ALL the time, with much delight, and I attribute my entire career to it.

Well, not really, but I am still enchanted, seriously, thinking about how it made us all think, and how it was different every time, and every time I hear the word "conservatory" I wonder if there's a secret passage.

I used to look back at the used score sheets, and remember how the stories turned out.

I scarfed up Miss Scarlett, wouldn't play, I fear, if I wasn't her. Funnily, now, I would pick to be Colonel Mustard, because he's the iconic one, right? Mrs. White, boring. Who was blue and black? Trying to remember...

SUSAN ELIA MACNEAL: Dear Hank, er, Miss Scarlett — Blue is Mrs. Peacock and then there's Mr. Green. No black. (Or anyone Black, as Noel and Miss Edna would say.) So funny you loved Miss Scarlett (who doesn't?) and are now a Jungle Red! Did you all do funny voices? We do. Our Miss Scarlett sounds like Marilyn Monroe.
JULIA SPENCER-FLEMING: I love, love, love CLUE, although it's a bit of hard sell sometimes with my family - I tend to win a lot (okay, almost always) and they say I have an unfair advantage. I always play Mrs. White, my son is Mr. Green (apparently Rev. Green in the recent updated game) the Smithie is Prof. Plum and Youngest is Miss Scarlett. The movie is an absolute hoot as well, if you haven't seen it.

We also love Monopoly. I don't think we've ever actually finished a game, but we always dissolve into shrieks of laughter and in-jokes during play.

Ross and the kids challenge each other to chess (which I am hopeless at.) Ross's favorite game is RISK, which is a bit too much like history class homework for me. The one game we two can agree on is Scrabble. He trounces me.

Xmas list for Cheney and Bush

by eyot

Cheney's Christmas List -
* handcuffs
* Iran
* new teeth
* Torture the Terrorist (board game)
* DVD collector set "Dr. Strangelove"
* New paintball gun for fun at the Whitehouse
Bush's Christmas List -
* A clue (not the board game - a real clue)
* Voice lessons to get rid of that phoney texas twang
* Geography lessons
* Therapy sessions
* Johnny Walker Black label (it's been too long my friend!)
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Board/card game etitquette

by multiagegroups

When you play CLUE and you try not to see other people's cards or where they mark their sheets but you can't help but see these things, is it cheating to use the information to win the game? I say no, and I warn others how I am gaining information so they can better protect themselves.
Dh and ds are currently playing Battleship and ds says he can see dh's board every time dh tilts his board so he can read the tiny tiny letters and numbers. Dh says ds is cheating, but ds says "I'm just doing what Mommy does when we play CLUE!"

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How many rooms r there in a board game of cluedo?

Nine - Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study.

How many rooms are in the board game Cluedo?

Rooms in the game Cluedo There are nine 'incident' rooms around the board, and one 'clue' room in the center of the board.
 In clockwise order, the names of the rooms are:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Ballroom (Patio in the 2008 version*)
  3. Conservatory (Spa, 2008 )
  4. Billiard Room (Theater, 2008)
  5. Library (Living Room, 2008)
  6. Study (Observatory, 2008)
  7. Hall
  8. Lounge (Guest House, 2008)
  9. Dining Room

The center 'clue room' is the Cellar ('Pool' in the 2008 version)
* The 2008 version of Cluedo is called 'Clue: Discover the Secrets ' or 'Cluedo: Discover the Secrets.'

What is the size of cluedo board game?

The standard ones are 20 inches by 20 inches, and most are designed to fold in half.
There have been special editions and variations with slightly different board sizes.

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