Deluxe Clue board game

Clue Luxury Edition Board Game at Brookstone—Buy Now!

The Wooden Clue Luxury Edition allows you and the family to solve a mystery in a first class set up!

Put on your detective lens and find out "Who Done It" by gracing your home with a family board game that offers exclusive trimmings in every detail. Open up the walnut veneer case to reveal a two-toned wooden cabinet fully equipped with a three-dimensional game board that features nine sunken rooms furnished with gold foil decorations, different items, and furniture to help solve the mystery. The game board that represents the mysterious world of Clue is covered by a tempered-glass lid that cannot be removed.

The tokens and game pieces are crafted from wood and die-cast metal, and gently stored in a faux leather box. Once you're done solving the mystery, use the smooth wooden case as a decoration piece. You can't lose either way! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Winning Solutions Inc Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game
Toy (Winning Solutions Inc)
  • Elegant two-tone wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers
  • Rotating faux-leather game board with raised grid and gold foil stamping
  • Integrated storage drawer
  • Plated die-cast tile racks and timer
  • Urea tiles and deluxe scorebook

Played the board game CLUE last night

by -

It just seemed to go by so fast and
with not much excitement.
We played with 2 players. You scatter the pieces around the board and split up the cards. Then when someone moves into a room you can guess the person, weapon and room the murder happened in against the cards you have and see if your competition has them.
There must be a more challenging way to play.
We also watched the movie. It was entertaining for 1985.

I take that back....

by Kumu

The link doesn't show the rares. It just shows the Odds and says it's a rare list.
Here's the clue on how to tell if you have the rare.
Out of the set, the one that is LAST alphabetically is the rare piece. Exception being Board Walk/Park Place where Board Walk is the rare.
So Baltic/Mediterranean...Baltic is common and Mediterranean is Rare.
I just grabbed the first google result. #2 highlights the rares.

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How many rooms r there in a board game of cluedo?

Nine - Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study.

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