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"Whodunnit? Where? And how? Clue. Solving this mystery … can be murder."
~ 1986 Commercial
A few years ago, started selling classic board games in cool made to look like books. We bought several when they were on sale, and one of them was "Clue" - I remember one girl I knew in high school loved to play it with her family, my brother Jim thinks it's a great game, and it seemed fun … but I had actually never played it myself before. Well, Ryan's up this weekend (they're going bouldering again tomorrow!), so we thought this would be a fun time to finally play the game since you need a minimum of three players (and Ryan hadn't played it either!). Here's what's in the box - the playing board, player pieces, weapon pieces, detective note sheets, pencils, a "solution cards" envelope, and a deck of suspect, weapon, and room cards.
Each suspect/player piece has a specific start point on the board. You determine who uses which piece simply by picking whichever player piece is closest to you when you sit down to play. The weapons are placed in different rooms, and the board is set. You separate the cards into "suspect", "weapon", and "room" piles, and choose a card, without looking at it, from each deck. These three cards are the solution to the murder mystery! These cards are placed into the "solution cards" envelope and placed in the center of the board. The rest of the cards get shuffled and dealt to each player. Everyone checks off the cards in their hand on their detective sheet, so they can easily see on the sheet that none of those cards are in the solution.

"Ms. Scarlet" always goes first, and then gameplay moves around the board to the left. You roll the die, and move the appropriate amount of spaces. What you want to do is get into different rooms in the mansion so you can make "suggestions" about who may have committed the murder, with what weapon, in the room you've just landed in. When you make a suggestion, the other players, starting with the person on your left, tell you whether or not they can disprove your theory (meaning they hold a card that corresponds to your guess, meaning that card is not in the "solution" envelope. If they do hold a card you've guessed, they show it to you without anyone else looking at it, and you've eliminated that card as part of the solution. By process of elimination, you try to be the first one to figure out who the murder was, what weapon they used, and in what room the crime was committed.

Played the board game CLUE last night

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It just seemed to go by so fast and
with not much excitement.
We played with 2 players. You scatter the pieces around the board and split up the cards. Then when someone moves into a room you can guess the person, weapon and room the murder happened in against the cards you have and see if your competition has them.
There must be a more challenging way to play.
We also watched the movie. It was entertaining for 1985.

I take that back....

by Kumu

The link doesn't show the rares. It just shows the Odds and says it's a rare list.
Here's the clue on how to tell if you have the rare.
Out of the set, the one that is LAST alphabetically is the rare piece. Exception being Board Walk/Park Place where Board Walk is the rare.
So Baltic/Mediterranean...Baltic is common and Mediterranean is Rare.
I just grabbed the first google result. #2 highlights the rares.

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