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stI do like board games I admit it. I actually wished that I scoured the thrifts stores for them more over the years. We own a lot of the regular, popular board games like Clue, Battleship, Monopoly and others. I also have these two that I got at thrifts stores when I was like in middle school which means they were only a few years old then. The Star Trek looks better than it plays. The Raiders game is a little more fun because my kids have asked to play it and they liked it. I had a game for the TV show Monster Squad when I was kid, but I think it got thrown out at some point. I look at old board games on eBay from time to time like Monster Squad, Space 1999, Buck Rogers and so on. I’ve never ordered any because even if the game is cheap the shipping never is. Oh well maybe I’ll find some of them at a thrift store some time.

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by PontiacDad

Not very good, but it is to the point.
I'll steadily improve
Hello Ladies, It's high time I get out and have fun again. Been divorced a couple years dedicating most of that time to work and my children.
My circle of friends isn't very large so I'm hoping to meet several women to help give me other perspectives on what is out there.
In reviewing many ads in the Platonic section, there seems to be some confusion. I'm strictly looking for friends to spend time with and get together for fun, not a veiled attempt to date. I'm in this for fun above all else.
I'm a very open minded individual and have a ton of likes. Among the activites I enjoy are playing pool, bike riding, hikes, exploring various sites around the Puget Sound and beyond, traveling, and...

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What are the rooms in the board game Clue?

The library, the study, the conservatory, the kitchen, the hall, the billiard room, the dining room, the lounge and the ballroom.

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