6 weapons Clue board game

Clue(or Cluedo)Board Game Rules and Strategy

Clue (North-American Brand name; also known as Cluedo everywhere else) is a board game that requires deductive logical reasoning ideal for 3 or more players.

The game takes place upon a backdrop that involves murder! Players assume the role of amateur detectives who must uncover the identity of the murderer, the murder weapon, and the place where the murder was committed.

Clue (Cluedo): Board Game

The game is marketed by Hasbro, and has enjoyed numerous different incarnations in film, television game shows, books and video games over the years.

The Clue Game Package:

* The Clue game board

* Character tokens (to represent the player on game board)

* two 6-sided playing dice

* A set of cards representing the 6 suspects

* A set of cards representing the 6 rooms wherein the murder may have taken place

* A set of cards representing the 9 possible murder weapons

* A deck of "intrigue" cards

* miniature models of the 9 murder weapons

* pen and pad for help in taking notes

* 3 to 6 Players (sold separately)

The Clue Game Board:

The game board is a representation of a house with 10 main sections (such as Dining Room, Kitchen, Pool, Spa) and hallways connecting the sections. Of the 10 sections, only 9 are potential locations where the murder may have taken place. The Pool area is used only by players who want to make their accusation.

Clue Gameplay Mechanics :

At the start of gameplay: The 3 decks of cards - Murder Suspect, Murder Location, and Murder Weapon - are shuffled separately. One card is drawn from each deck, and these 3 cards make up the correct Scenario of the murder. These 3 cards are placed in an envelope and secreted away. With 6 suspects, 6 locations and 9 weapons, there is a total of 324 possible scenarios.

The remaining cards are then shuffled together and distributed among the players.

Each player hold some Clues: Because each player holds some cards, they instantly know for sure which suspects, locations, or weapons are NOT involved in the crime.

Moving Around the Gameboard: From the starting point on the game board, players take turns rolling dice to move their tokens from room to room. Players are supposed to enter a room, then investigate a possible scenario involving that room.

Investigating a Scenario: A player investigates by voicing out a suggestion that the other players must disprove. For example: A player enters the Theatre and suggests "Mrs. White did it in the Theatre using a pistol".

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What are the weapons in the board game Clue?

The Rope The Lead Pipe The Knife (also called the Dagger) Revolver, Candlestick are the weapons used in Clue.

What were the 6 weapons in the board game Clue?

The 6 weapons in the game of Clue are a rope, lead pipe, knife, wrench, candlestick and revolver. Thanks for doing the !

What are the 6 weapons in the game CLUE?

knife , rope , wrench , lead pipe, gun , candle stick

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