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SMART Boards and Interactive Science and Engineering for Kids

Engineering Interact is a new and exciting free educational resource for primary school children aged 9 to 11.
The resource provides fully interactive, engaging game environments and high-quality learning material tailored to the National Curriculum.
Information about real world applications and cutting edge research motivates children and introduces them to the exciting subject of engineering.

The site contains interactive learning activities covering: light, sound, forces and motion, earth and beyond, and electricity.

Each area is broken down into multiple modules and each module contains an interactive learning activity, an interactive review activity, and a slide-show containing information about how the science is applied in the real world.

Teachers should check out the that will help them utilize the resources more effectively.

This is one of those sites that really makes learning and teaching science a lot more fun and exciting, especially if you have an SMART Board in your classroom. Pass the word!

Micro Kickboard Mini Micro Scooter - Blue
Sports (Micro Kickboard)
  • The award-winning design, quality materials and durable construction make the Mini an excellent scooter for young children.
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  • Mini Micro = Mini Kick - they are the same product, made by Micro-Mobility, Switzerland

Is the popular culture making our kids smarter?

by lentilka

From the NewScientist. I dig this guy-Steven JOhnson.
Interview: Are the kids alright after all?
You're hanging with your homies at the crossroads when you spot a plain-clothes nark. Do you: (a) pull your baseball cap down over your eyes and your hoodie up over it, and try to mooch off down an alley, or (b) hijack that suburban car waiting at the lights with a "Baby on Board" sign to make a rubber-burning getaway?
Whatever - it's only a computer game: one rather like Grand Theft Auto. The one parents tell the kids is destroying their morals and rotting their brains. But perhaps if they listened to many academics and educationalists, rather than newspaper columnists, they would find that these specialists see a neuro-learning revolution going on in computer games.

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Fun and Function Plastic Scooter Board with Handles - 16 inch
Toy (Fun and Function)
  • Strengthen Muscles and Gross Motor Skills
  • Improve Coordination and Posture
  • Non-marring rubber casters
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GameCraft Gamecraft Safety Guard Scooters (Blue)
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Pull Buoy Inc Sonic Scooter - Kids Scooter Board - Red
Office Product (Pull Buoy Inc)
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  • Includes finger-safe handles
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Children's Scooters Fairy Princess Children's Three Wheeled Metal Frame Toy Kick Scooter, Light Up Base w/ Music (Pink)
Sports (Children's Scooters)
  • Fairy Princess Children s Three Wheeled Metal Frame Toy Kick Scooter
  • Handlebar Height 24 , Lightweight Metal Frame Construction
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  • Designed for Ages 3 and Older
  • Comes with Foot Brake


What is the price of the 600i interactive smart board?

The new SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system begins shipping in February at a suggested education price of US $3299.

Which is the best interactive whiteboard/Smart board available in India? - Quora

The Epson Brightlink is the best idea/concept and execution of interactive whiteboards. It takes a projection screen and turns it into an interactive whiteboard - just a flat wall is necessary. You can check it out here:

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