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Scooter Board Activity for Kids: Winter Themed

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I love using scooter boards in Occupational Therapy. Not only are scooter boards great for gross motor skills, eye hand coordination and more in kids with special needs, scooter board activities for kids in general are a fun and easy way to work on some great skills!

A few of my kiddos at work had been asking for a scooter board activity, so this past week I came up with this one, using some already made printables I found online. I made it into a winter themed scooter board activity for them, and they all kept asking to play it every time I pulled them for OT!

Items needed for Scooter Board Activity for Kids: Winter Themed

Suggested age for this activity is 3 years or older.


Print off your snow flake and tree trunk printables (links above). Then have the kids color the tree brown and cut it out (you may need to help with this part, it might be too difficult for some to cut out). You don’t have to have them color the snow flakes, leave them white. Or you could have them color them light blue if you wanted.

Place velcro on the back of each snow flake and tree trunk and then place corresponding sides of velcro to your wall. If you don’t want the velcro to touch a wall, you could put them on a piece of construction paper and then tape the paper to the wall.

Take all your snow flakes to one side of the room and have your child get on the scooter board, tummy down. DO NOT let them sit or stand on it. They must stay on their tummy for the entire activity. Give them one snow flake and have them push off on the scooter board over to the other side of the room where the velcro is and the tree. You could also have them put the tree up themselves if you want, or just the snow flakes. Once the snow flake is up, then have them scoot back over to you to get another snow flake. Continue until all the items are up on the wall!

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Is the popular culture making our kids smarter?

by lentilka

From the NewScientist. I dig this guy-Steven JOhnson.
Interview: Are the kids alright after all?
You're hanging with your homies at the crossroads when you spot a plain-clothes nark. Do you: (a) pull your baseball cap down over your eyes and your hoodie up over it, and try to mooch off down an alley, or (b) hijack that suburban car waiting at the lights with a "Baby on Board" sign to make a rubber-burning getaway?
Whatever - it's only a computer game: one rather like Grand Theft Auto. The one parents tell the kids is destroying their morals and rotting their brains. But perhaps if they listened to many academics and educationalists, rather than newspaper columnists, they would find that these specialists see a neuro-learning revolution going on in computer games.

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