Kids invented board games

Board Game Inventor Chronicles and Toy Fair Tales

# 1: Kids invent the Darndest Things; Part 1

On a cold night back in 1905, 11-year-old

Frank Epperson of San Francicso left his fruit-flavored drink outside on the porch with a stirring stick in it. The drink froze to the stick and tasted good. Frank initially named it the “Epsicle.”

At first, there wasn’t much interest in the Epsicle. By the time Frank finally applied for a patent for his “frozen ice on a stick” and put it on the market 18 years later, he had a wife and kids of his own. One of the kids convinced him to re-name the Epsickle as the Popsicle. Two years later, in 1925, Frank sold his Popsicle rights to the Joe Lowe Company of

New York. Good Humor now owns the rights to the Popsicle.

PhiloFarnsworth of

Rigby, Idaho, invented a product in 1920 that he rarely used, but we use it every day. In fact, he even discouraged his kids from using it because he didn’t think the product did much good. Philo was born in a log cabin in 1906, he rode his horse to school every day, and his grandfather settled with


But wait, there’s more!

His product was so revolutionary, so far ahead of his time, that when he drew it on the chalkboard for his high school chemistry teacher to see, the product was too complex for the chemistry teacher to understand! Yet it was the simple design of his family’s potato fields that provided him with his “

Eureka” moment. Philo saw how the rows of potatoes formed horizontal lines – the same kinds of horizontal lines which television sets use.

How old was

PhiloFarnsworth when he figured out how this new product called television should work?

Only 14 years old! He became the father of television, winning a lengthy court battle against RCA to establish that he was the real inventor. His wife, Elma, became known as the mother of television because she was the first woman to appear on TV, in 1927.

Our third and final inventor was Chester Greenwood, who was just 15 years old when he put

Framington, Maine, on the map in 1873. The local residents still celebrate his birthday every year with a parade. What did

Chester invent?

While ice skating outdoors one winter day,

Chester was trying to protect his ears from the cold weather. He wrapped his head in a scarf, but that wasn’t enough, so he asked his grandmother to sew fur onto a pair of connected ear-shaped wire loops. In the process, he invented

Little Simon Where Is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book
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Christians spend 2

by Snakebyte_XX

She said, however, she's grateful to go into a store where she is not be bombarded by the seemingly inescapable sex and violence marketed at the malls.
"There is nothing in here that would embarrass me in front of my mother and kids," Lauro said.

The store carries family-friendly video games and a doll called "Faith," whose chief accessory is a tiny Bible.
Near the home-schooling texts is a board game called "Champions of Faith" and the "Chronicles of Narnia" ice castle.
Parable, a San Luis Obispo, Calif., marketing group that services independent Christian stores, said the target demographic is Christian moms — like Lauro.
"A lot of it is about trust and peace of mind in the shopping experience," Parable spokesman Gary Weyel...

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Who invented board games?

It was in 1303 the board games where invented. they where invented buy George Washinton. he was 3 years of age

My kids and I have been inventing board games and we're getting more sophisticated, how can i market them?

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The business plan will direct your efforts to research those answers you're seeking, also will show you if your board has probabilities ( Good or Bad ) of selling your product.
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