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  • Counting,
  • Measurement,
  • Numbers,
  • Patterns,
  • Shapes

Peg’s “Totally Rockin’ Adventures” brings together the collection's many elements into simple, game-like pathways that reinforce interrelated stories and math content. The interface is designed with little kids in mind, allowing them to move from video, to game, to video, to activity, and collect rocks along the way!

Learning Goals
Count, measure, and look for 3-D shapes in a series of adventures on a farm, the Purple Planet, Pirate Island, and in the Magic Forest.

  • Patterns

Make music with Peg, Cat, and their friends. Select your band mates, favorite music tracks from the show, and instruments. Learn about numbers, and patterns. The Big Gig app includes two games where kids can practice number recognition and musical patterns and just enjoy making their own musical creations.

Big GigLearning Goals
Count and match numbers on a number line, and make musical patterns.

Ages: 3 - 5

Help Buddy find a present for the Conductor. Dive deep into a cave to collect crystals of different size, shape, and color. Once all the crystals have been collected, players must sort them before giving them to the Conductor.

Learning Goals
Two-dimensional shape recognition; sorting by shape, size, and color; measurement vocabulary

Get Peg, Cat, and friends all dressed up—in the silliest of outfits, of course! Shuffle up the clothes they’re wearing by clicking the arrows.

Learning Goals
Dress up Peg, Cat, and all their friends and then tell stories about their silly costumes.

Head to the bottom of the Swirly Whirly Ocean with Sally, Nick, and the Cat in the Hat to help Gari Garibaldi search a very unusual coral reef for a new place to live. The player follows directional clues to find just the right reef homes for Gari and his fish friends.

Buddy's Gem HuntLearning Goals
Describe, name, and interpret relative positions in space using position words such as under, over, next to, and behind.

Sally and Nick want to fly their kites, but where is the wind? Luckily, the Cat in the Hat has the Huff-Puff-A-Tron, which uses shapes to create wind. The bigger the kites get, the the machine must be fed faster and faster to create more wind.

Learning Goals
Two-dimensional shape recognition, patterns, color recognition

Ages: 6 - 8

Help Skits sniff out objects in a park and learn a ton of new vocabulary. But watch out for the cats hiding everywhere. Bump into them, and the game is over!

Learning Goals
Building vocabulary

  • Spatial Sense

Corporal Cup is stuck at the bottom of an empty dunk tank. Using pipes, funnels, and liquid measurement, measure out the right amount of liquid to fill up the tank so Corporal Cup can safely float to the top and be rescued.

Learning Goals
Measure and compare capacities using standard units; explore relationships among quarts, cups, 1/2 cups, pint, gallon and half gallon; develop spatial sense

Use this online storybuilding tool to write and illustrate math stories with a beginning, middle, and an end.

Costume Box Deep Sea Follow Me Huff-Puff-a-Tron In the Park with Skits

Little Simon Where Is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book
Book (Little Simon)

Christians spend 2

by Snakebyte_XX

She said, however, she's grateful to go into a store where she is not be bombarded by the seemingly inescapable sex and violence marketed at the malls.
"There is nothing in here that would embarrass me in front of my mother and kids," Lauro said.

The store carries family-friendly video games and a doll called "Faith," whose chief accessory is a tiny Bible.
Near the home-schooling texts is a board game called "Champions of Faith" and the "Chronicles of Narnia" ice castle.
Parable, a San Luis Obispo, Calif., marketing group that services independent Christian stores, said the target demographic is Christian moms — like Lauro.
"A lot of it is about trust and peace of mind in the shopping experience," Parable spokesman Gary Weyel...

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