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My Favorite Board Games for Kids

IMG_4321I LOVE playing games, and I think I might be a bit addicted to buying games that I can play with my boys. Games can be a great tool for learning, and they make great ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts, too! We love to play games as a family, and I particularly enjoy playing games with my oldest during my toddler’s nap time.

Here are a list of 7 games we have and love around our home, plus 10 more that are on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas! (A couple more of our favorites are listed in this post: “My Favorite Toys for Boys 5 & Under.”)

#1 Zingo!

You guessed it! Zingo! is like Bingo but for kids! You can buy different versions based on your child’s age. Some options include sight words, numbers, and pictures.


Okay, this is a classic; but my boys have loved playing it over and over since Grandma gave them a Spiderman set last year for Christmas. We play with our cards face-up when my 3-year-old plays.


This game is never the same twice. It is great for matching and planning ahead. (Suggested Ages: 5-12.)

#4 Guess Who?

Yes, I remember this game when it first came out. I found this version for $1 at a garage sale this summer! We LOVE it! My 3-year-old can play with a bit of help. My boys attempt to play alone but sometimes need a bit of help. This version has six different cards you can choose from. My boys happen to love the animal card and the monster card. (Suggested Ages: 8-12. [My oldest was 5 when I bought this and he could play it just fine.])


My hubby is a huge fan of the strategy game Settlers of Catan. I had been eyeing the junior version for a while for my 6-year-old. One day I just happened to look at the games in Target and saw it on clearance, so I grabbed it to save for a gift for him. We all enjoy playing this version (except my 3-year-old), and it is perfect for some one-on-one time my oldest. (Suggested Ages: 6-10.)


All four of us love playing this game. The directions have several different variations you can play. I love it when my 3-year-old “spots it” before us! (Suggested Ages: 4-15. [My 3-year-old can play with minimal help/coaching.])


This game is a similar concept the Rivers, Roads, & Rails but more basic and better for younger children. We played this at a friend’s home and had a lot of fun. Great game to help reinforce colors. (Suggested Ages: 3-15 years.)

ThinkFun Robot Turtles Game
Toy (ThinkFun)
  • Robot Turtles is the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history
  • It sneakily teaches programming fundamentals to kids ages 4 and up
  • Inspired by the Logo programming language, the game lets kids write programs with playing cards
  • For 2-5 players
  • Invented by Dan Shapiro and seen on NPR, Bloomberg, Make: Magazine, Boing boing, TechCrunch, Reddit, Geekmom, Geekdad and more

Pardon me (gamer/skater girl here)

by vblack

Hey I don't mean to butt in here, but I'm desperate! I like to play video games (RPGs are my fave.. FPS are fun, but I'm no good!), and I know that a lot of gamers are also skaters, as am I (well.. I longboard). The thing is, besides Sectors and Arbors and other name brand longboard companies, I know nothing! And I'm trying to buy some little kids some regular boards without breaking my wallet.
Please, does anyone have a recommendation? I have heard is okay.. do you agree? They look kinda cheap, but the price is right. Ugh, help!
P.S. Is Diable 3 going to be good enough to pre-order?

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Who invented board games?

It was in 1303 the board games where invented. they where invented buy George Washinton. he was 3 years of age

My kids and I have been inventing board games and we're getting more sophisticated, how can i market them?

Well first of all you need to develop a business plan, which will help you with all the questions you have right now.
The business plan will direct your efforts to research those answers you're seeking, also will show you if your board has probabilities ( Good or Bad ) of selling your product.
I don't have the link for a tutorial web page that will help you devise your business plan, if you contact me this monday by yahoo, with pleasure I'll give you the web site ( Because I have it in my office ;p ).

Why was clue the board game invented?

Clue was invented as "Cluedo" in the United Kingdom in 1944. The game's original title is a ploy on Clue, (it's technical title) and Ludo, a game with a similar dice play strategy. It was invented as a way to pass the time with friends while waiting out air raid drills in underground bunkers and shelters. Nonetheless, it has remained a popular game.

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