Harry Potter board games for kids

Harry Potter Board Games

Scene It? Deluxe Harry Potter 2nd Edition
The popular board game that has players watching video clips and shouting out answers is now available in an upgraded Harry Potter theme. This second edition of Screenlife's Scene It? Harry Potter game is chock full of questions,characters,and clips from the first five Harry Potter movies. Yes,that includes the recently released Order of the Phoenix.

Pop the game's DVD into your player to start the magic and mayhem. Loaded with new clips and puzzles,this version touches on “The Boy Who Lived” to “He Who Must Not Be Named” and all things in between. There are over 1, 000 questions on the 160 trivia cards,so even if you see the same snippet from the 180 on the DVD during the same game,the question about that scene will be different. Special technology randomizes the order of the clips to ensure fresh fun each time the game is played.

The themed,interactive game board can be spread out for longer games,or folded when you don't have a lot of time (or players). To help you move around the board there are four metal player tokens (Fawkes,Buckbeak,the Knight Bus,and the Durmstrang ship),one six-sided die to determine how many spaces to move,and one eight-sided die that determines the category to be played. Once the dice have been rolled,clips are watched,questions are asked,and it's revealed just how true a fan you are. Categories span from Colin's Camera (trying to determine an item before the picture is fully developed) to Hagrid's Hut (naming one of the many magical creatures) and from Divination (identifying the character in the crystal ball) to many more.

GeoToys GeoDice: Educational Geography Board Game
Toy (GeoToys)
  • Contains two continent and five letter dice (7 in total).
  • Two sided game board: countries on one side and capitals on the other.
  • Based on the roll of the die, players identify countries and capitals.
  • Recommended for children 6 years and older.
  • Great family game.

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by RoastedChestnuts

Depot tool sets, leapfrog twist and shout math thing, leapster accessories, a stuffed animal. I can't remember what else. Oh I picked up some things from the halloween clearance too. I figured I'll make a dressup trunk for the boys since most dressup clothes are marketed to girls. The Harry Potter robe was $2 and I got a 4 pack of mini flashlights to go in the kids stockings.

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