Great board games for kids

Board Approval: 7 Classic Board Games for Kids

Best for ages 3 to 5

What kids learn: To take turns, count spaces, and accept rewards and consequences.

The basics: Spin the wheel to move your pawn up the board. Land at the base of a ladder and you get to climb up. But if you stop at the top of a chute, you'll slide back down.

Keep in mind: At this age, games are more about the journey than the destination. Your kid may actually want to go down the ladder. Let him.

Game tip: "For a preschooler, this game could evolve into an elaborate fantasy, or he may get bored and quit in the middle, " says Parents advisor Kathleen McCartney, PhD, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

GeoToys GeoDice: Educational Geography Board Game
Toy (GeoToys)
  • Contains two continent and five letter dice (7 in total).
  • Two sided game board: countries on one side and capitals on the other.
  • Based on the roll of the die, players identify countries and capitals.
  • Recommended for children 6 years and older.
  • Great family game.

Great list of Frugal activites

by FrugalJoe

Please add your frugal ideas for fun activities!
# Play outdoor sports
# Plan a picnic
# Go for a nature walk
# Take a beach day at a local beach
# Have friends and family over for a small cook out
# Walk your pets
# Play a board game either inside or out side
# Learn about your towns History
# Plant a garden or flowers
# Have a movie night and rent a movie or watch an old time favorite
# Take pictures of nature or something that interests you
# Clean up your neighborhood by picking up side walk trash
# Yard chores will keep you fit and keep your home value up
# Read a book with your partner and share with each other your story
# Play guessing games with your kids
# Hide and...

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Gamewright Scrambled States
Toy (Gamewright)
Carson-Dellosa Educational Insights Teachers Pocket Pal
Office Product (Carson-Dellosa)
  • Giant sorting and storage station clips to magnetic whiteboard
  • Has 40 roomy clear-view pockets
  • Will hold numbers, letters, flashcards and more
  • Pockets are double-stitched for sturdiness
  • Built-in grommets and clips make hanging a snap
Electronic Arts Brain Quest: Grades 5 & 6 - Nintendo DS
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Over 6, unique questions
  • Brain Mode allows kids to jump right in, immersing themselves in fast-paced quiz games, as they answer questions on their favorite subjects - English, history, math...
  • Quest Mode takes kids through a light, fun story world where they will play quiz games to solve problems
  • Kids of all ages can get in on the action and enjoy the brain-twisting fun with Hot Swap Multiplayer quiz games featuring both versus and cooperative games
  • The game also features Sudoku specially tailored to kids of all ages, with 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 puzzles
Pressman Toys Deluxe Cage Bingo
Toy (Pressman Toys)
  • Try to get five in a row
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Includes plastic cage, balls, tally card, cards markers and instructions
  • For 2 or more players
  • Recommended age range from 7 years and above
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