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"In this game, you must help rescue the kids from the clutches of Cabbage Jack. The delightful Bunny Bees will help you lead the kids to safety. And finally Colonel Casey, the kindly old stork, will help you bring the kids home. Collect 4 kids, each with a different color hair, or all the same color, and you're the winner."

First released by Milton Bradely in 1981, the above Smurf board game is available at $16.99 on and makes a great gift for Smurf fans everywhere. My younger brother was a fan of the A-Team, I personally was not. This Parker Brothers board game was hot in 1984 and looks just as silly as the show. More information is available at
I love(d) E.T. so very much. We even have an E.T. movie poster hanging over our bed. I couldn't get enough of E.T. as a kid - read more about it here. You can bet your bippie that in 1982, the E.T. Board Game by Parker Brothers was on my holiday wish list. Today this game goes from $10-$175 depending on its overall condition.

Parker Brothers Cabbage Patch Kids Friends to the Rescue Game
Toy (Parker Brothers)

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RoseArt Cabbage Patch Kids Happy Family Board Game with 2 Bonus Puzzles (2005)
Toy (RoseArt)
  • 2 to 4 players, ages 3 yrs +
  • 4 magical crystals, 4 certificate adoption cards
  • 29 CPK tokens, 4 Bunny Bee pawns, 3 Colonel Casey tokens
  • gameboard, manual
  • from 2005
Milton Bradley Company Cabbage Patch Kids Hide and Seek Game
Toy (Milton Bradley Company)
  • Guess which kid is sprouting up where!
  • Play the Cabbage Patch Match
  • It s the Fastest, Most Frantic Name Matching Game Ever!
  • Make a Match before the Kids hide again!
  • Slide the lever and the kids sprout up!
Parker Brothers Cabbage Patch Kids Touching Tunes Game
Toy (Parker Brothers)
  • Ages 4+
  • 2-4 players
  • 1984 Parker Brothers
Milton Bradley Cabbage Patch Kids Bicycle Race
Toy (Milton Bradley)
  • Game Board
  • 8 pawns and stands
  • 9 cabbage tops, stands, and bases
  • spinner


Who invented the cabbage patch kids?

Xavier Roberts
Xavier Roberts

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