Board games that help missing kids

10 Board and Card Games to Play With Your Kids (that won't make you want to kill yourself).

This one is great, because the basic concept is simple, yet learning the tricks can make it a game that grows with your child. It is also one that you can play with half your brain when they're younger without wanting to pull out your eyeballs. It's also the only game in the house I allow the kids to play with the pieces, making designs on the game board. It's a win win.

9. Sleeping Queens

This is a quick card game with fast set up, and beautiful fun artwork. The suggested age is 8+ however, It appeals to my 3yr old son (who can play with help) as well as my 1st grade daughter. Their 4th grade cousin even got into a game or two and had a blast. The rules are easy to teach and quick to master. This is one of our go-to games for after dinner family fun.

8. Sequence for kids

This game is simple matching for the beginner with added strategy as your child ages. A game for 2-4 players. We usually end up with a parent assisting the 3yr old, but he can match the animals and place the chips on the board himself. Our 3 and 5 year old have been able to play unassisted (but still supervised so we don't end up with missing pieces!) and we expect many more years of fun out of this one. Recommended ages 4-7.

7. Taradiddle

This fun card game is a quick 12 minutes. Match either item (shirt, backpack, shoes) or color, but if you can't then you have to bluff. Be careful! If you're caught bluffing you add a long nose card to your character (a la Pinocchio). Player who ends with the shortest nose wins. Recommended ages 6+. This is our first grader's top pick for her favorite game.

6. Forbidden Island

This one may come as a surprise, but go with me. The recommended age for this 2-4 player cooperative game is 10+ with game time lasting 30 minutes. We taught our first grader how to play and she loves it. This is one you will love as well. It's a great one for adult game nights too. The artwork is fantastic and the difficulty level can be raised or lowered to match the players.

5. Guess Who

Another classic. This one is great for quick game play. Even my 3 yr. old is learning to play (though he hasn't gotten it down quite yet). It's a two player game, so not great for the whole family, but games are so quick everyone can get a turn, maybe even a tournament like my siblings and I used to have. I don't know about the electronic version (I'd rather find one at a consignment store or garage sale).

Your last line about missing her and

by Willow_96

She's not even gone yet. Please don't dwell on that too much. Of course tell her there will always be an empty place in your heart, and life, without her but try to save a lot of your projections about your life for when you are alone. That's just my take it on it, I have a hard time with people with their tearing up eyes when I tell them, it makes me feel guilty that I am doing something to hurt them, and I shouldn't have to feel that way.
She knows how much you care so you don't need to keep repeating that. Instead keep your sense of humor and talk about some of the hilarous things that you have done together, you must have had some crazy times together over 40 years. Reminisce about some great vacations you went on, your weddings, kids, parties, whacky friends, crazy fashion...

蔡远玉 KILL YOUR BF : Death Of Stickman (a ragdoll killing game)
Mobile Application (蔡远玉)
  • Use different weapons to give more pain.
  • Cool ragdoll stick man physics.
  • Different layout of tools each time you play.
  • Addictive simple game play.


What is a good family board game? For kids age 15 and 10?

Hello. I need to find a fun game....either a board game or DVD game that would be fun for 4 people..........2 adults and two kids.......15 year old boy and 10 year old girl. It's hard to find a game that appeals to everyone. We've played SceneIt Music DVD game. I'm open to either a board game or dvd game. Any suggestions and first-hand experience is great. Thanks!

How about KaBoink! This is a new fun ball bouncing board game. For ages 5 thru adult. Ping pong balls of different colors are bounced into a playing field of 3 games in one box and the box is part of the board game. You never played it, you never seen it. Because it is brand spankin new. Find it at EBAY or MYSPACE KABOINK GAME. You will not be disappointed, it has been tested for the past 2 yrs. Been under development for the past 7 yrs. Tired of the same winner over and over again? Master the bounce and you master the game!

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