Board games list for kids

Board Games

Whether we grew up playing them with our siblings or enjoy them today with our kids, this list of board games is sure to bring back some fond, and likely competitive, memories. While a complete list of board games would be difficult to perfect, these board games, young and old, are the best and most popular of the bunch.

Classics like Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk are joined by the newcomers like Apples to Apples and Ghettopoly to provide a vast selection of options for game night. Even some of the oldest games known to exist made the list such as the vintage favorites like Chess, Backgammon, Chinese checkers and Reversi.

What are the best reasons to play board games? Board games provide not only a reason to get together with friends for a fun time, but also a way to test your skills like trivia, with games like Trivial Pursuit, your deduction skills, such as playing Battleship or Clue, or your poise, such as with Operation and Jenga. There's even some for the younger kids with the likes of the classic Candy Land and Hungry, Hungry Hippos making the list. The names of board games old and new can all be found on this list of all board games.

Your welcome. And thanks for the compliment

by -

One of the greatest rewards in life is being truly helpful. So I really appreciate your post.
Here's the game I played that saved my sanity as a sub:
1 whiteboard
1 Marker w/eraser (Kleenex will do)
List of pop culture words kids in age group would know. Eg.: musicians; sports stars; Disney characters; stores; brands; movies; TV shows; stars; geography; toys; games; etc.
As soon as the bell rang, I'd flip over the whiteboard with a word spelled out, but scrambled. The word I'd usually start with would be /loscho/. (school, of course)
I wouldn't say a word. I'd just stand there. The students would be intrigued. If they didn't catch on, I'd start with clues: Who can unscramble this word? or It starts with an /s/.

My mom treats my kids different what can I do

by poorlittleDD

I have a 9 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. My mom has an unhealthy relationship with my son, it has sent me to therapy because it's so weird and she wont stop. She has no boundaries and dodes over him to an unhealthy level. We pretty much keep our distance as much as possible.
Now I have a little girl. My mom has only held her once in the past year and never pays her a bit of attention, while asking my son how he enjoyed brushing his teeth this morning.
She sent him a thanksgiving card, but not one for my daughter.
She called tonight to list off all the video games, board games, books, cds and clothes she bought my son for xmas. I asked if she got anything for my daughter and she said no, she didnt know what to buy a 1 year old. (She never had a problem...

蔡远玉 KILL YOUR BF : Death Of Stickman (a ragdoll killing game)
Mobile Application (蔡远玉)
  • Use different weapons to give more pain.
  • Cool ragdoll stick man physics.
  • Different layout of tools each time you play.
  • Addictive simple game play.


What is a good family board game? For kids age 15 and 10?

Hello. I need to find a fun game....either a board game or DVD game that would be fun for 4 people..........2 adults and two kids.......15 year old boy and 10 year old girl. It's hard to find a game that appeals to everyone. We've played SceneIt Music DVD game. I'm open to either a board game or dvd game. Any suggestions and first-hand experience is great. Thanks!

How about KaBoink! This is a new fun ball bouncing board game. For ages 5 thru adult. Ping pong balls of different colors are bounced into a playing field of 3 games in one box and the box is part of the board game. You never played it, you never seen it. Because it is brand spankin new. Find it at EBAY or MYSPACE KABOINK GAME. You will not be disappointed, it has been tested for the past 2 yrs. Been under development for the past 7 yrs. Tired of the same winner over and over again? Master the bounce and you master the game!

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