Board games for kids ages 9-12

The 10 Best iPad Board Game Apps for Kids

A lot of people harbor a certain nostalgia for the game boards of their youth — I get that. On the one hand, it takes us back to a simpler time. On the other hand, have you set up the Game of Life recently? Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be stepping on those little pink and blue peg people for weeks.

Sometimes you need a quicker, slightly more streamlined option. And just because it’s on a screen doesn’t mean it’s not quality time. Here are a few of our favorite board game apps for kids.

1. Mancala FS5, $2.99

Count and capture your opponent’s stones in this updated version of one of the most ancient board games around (evidence suggests this one goes back to at least the 6th century AD). Play at different levels, with a real world opponent, or against the computer.

This is a nice mellow game with no exploding aircraft carriers or impending bankruptcies.

2. Boggle, This is a nice mellow game with no exploding aircraft carriers or impending bankruptcies.

2. Boggle, $0.99

This was my favorite game growing up, until I got so good that no one would play with me. I imagine the endless bragging might have been a factor too.

The only part I didn’t like was the earsplit.99

The only part I didn’t like was the earsplitting shaking of the letter dice (which isn’t a problem with the app version!). This is a feel good game for parents too, since it’s a vocabulary and brain builder.

3. Backgammon HD, $2.99

Another very, very old 2-player board game. You roll the dice, move your pieces, and try to remove all your checkers from the board before your opponent can do the same.

As with any dice game, there’s a lot of luck involved, but lots of strategy too. Young kids can play on teams until they get the hang of it.

4. Battleship for iPad, $4.99

Once you’ve played the computer version of this iconic childhood game, you’ll wonder how those little plastic gray ships ever managed to capture our imagination.

The dramatic 3D action… the super weapons… it’s a hit! Take that sibling on sibling violence and channel it, people.

5. The Game of Life, $6.99

So, my daughter got the analog Game of Life for her birthday last year and holy CATS does it take a long time to assemble. And you have to disassemble it to put it back in the box!

I laughed at the anachronisms (no out of wedlock procreation allowed!), but the kids got a serious kick out of it. Save yourself the headache and get the app version.

Gaming For Kids - 25 hour game-a-thon

by ExtraLifeSVMHS

Gamers can help raise funds for Children's Miracle Network at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Register at and collect donations from your family and friends to support your LOCAL CMN Program. Select CA-Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital as your hospital of choice, and all of the money you raise will stay local. Challenge your friends and family to sponsor you at $1 an hour for the full 25 hours.
On November 2nd, game for 25 hours (we'll fall back with the clocks) in a gaming marathon. Play video games, board games, card games, ANY games. Think of Extra Life like a walk-a-thon for gamers... with no walking. :) Game where you are! Home, dorm, even on your phone. If you create a team, everyone can game together at one team member's house - make it fun.
Can't game on Nov. 2?...

Family strategy board game rec? Amazon sale.

by TooManyMiles

Amazon is having a sale on strategy board/card games. Anyone have any suggestions for a family of four. The kids are 11 and 16; they're pretty sharp (AP and honors classes and crap like that).
I'm thinking about picking Forbidden Island as the cooperative game. As a competitive game, I'm thinking either (both?) Resistance 2nd Edition or Dominion. Any suggestions on other games that would be better picks?
Criteria: Relatively easy to learn. Replayability. Game finish time in 40 minutes or less.

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