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My Top Five Board/Card Games for kids

After Easter's flurry of wargames, this week and weekend will be a man-dolly free zone. The school holidays has been a good chance to get some other gaming in though. Actually, term time is also a good chance for me, but first, we've got a coupe of newwwww members:

Dust? Anybody?

jmilesr is also known as Miles, or more likely to some of you as the "Uber Geek" from Lair of the Uber Geek.Mark Stanton is another blogger, you can visit him at Mark's Wargaming and Boardgaming Blog. Mark is also a mate of mine and a member of the Hutt Miniature Wargames Club, and a regular Flames of War and SAGA player. He has a penchant for large and unusual armies, well worth checking out some of the army pics on his site.

Welcome to you all, thanks for joining up :-)

Right, back to the boardgames. I get to play a lot of board and card games aimed at the children's market, as not only am I a parent to a cunning and competitive eight year old girl (she gets it from her mother!) but I'm also a teacher-aide at the local primary school. I work mainly in a class of 11-13 year olds, but as it is a small school all the staff fill several roles. For me, this means running a lunchtime games club, as well as teaching games in other classrooms. I'm also the cooking teacher, but that's a whole other story!

The school hires a dozen or so games each term from Board Game Rentals, a Wellington based company that is a labour of love for its owner Peter. This allows us to try out a lot of different games, and gives us access to a club ordering scheme that lets anyone at the school buy discounted games and earns the school a small donation with each purchase. Since we started this arrangement last year, boardgames have become a regular fixture in the classroom. Staff and pupils alike have embraced the wonderful world of gaming that lies beyond Snakes 'n' Ladders! As most of you will know, games cover a wide range of learning areas, and create (mostly!) positive social interactions. In a school environment, many kids get to try games that they will never see at home, and hopefully some will get bitten by the gaming bug.

So, with no further ado, here's my current "Top Five Games For Kids That Adults Can Play Too Without Wanting To Stick Pencils In Their Eyes".

Cloak of Protection: Cloak of Protection is a card game themed around New Zealand's abundant birdlife. If your first thought is "all theme, no game", you couldn't be more wrong! CoP is an open card game (players cards aren't kept hidden) whose object is to collect enough cards of a chosen type to build a "cloak". You can get help from the ancient Gods, but predators and other players interfere with your plans.

Gaming For Kids - 25 hour game-a-thon

by ExtraLifeSVMHS

Gamers can help raise funds for Children's Miracle Network at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Register at and collect donations from your family and friends to support your LOCAL CMN Program. Select CA-Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital as your hospital of choice, and all of the money you raise will stay local. Challenge your friends and family to sponsor you at $1 an hour for the full 25 hours.
On November 2nd, game for 25 hours (we'll fall back with the clocks) in a gaming marathon. Play video games, board games, card games, ANY games. Think of Extra Life like a walk-a-thon for gamers... with no walking. :) Game where you are! Home, dorm, even on your phone. If you create a team, everyone can game together at one team member's house - make it fun.
Can't game on Nov. 2?...

Family strategy board game rec? Amazon sale.

by TooManyMiles

Amazon is having a sale on strategy board/card games. Anyone have any suggestions for a family of four. The kids are 11 and 16; they're pretty sharp (AP and honors classes and crap like that).
I'm thinking about picking Forbidden Island as the cooperative game. As a competitive game, I'm thinking either (both?) Resistance 2nd Edition or Dominion. Any suggestions on other games that would be better picks?
Criteria: Relatively easy to learn. Replayability. Game finish time in 40 minutes or less.

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