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Chef Solus Bingo Food Groups Game - Bingo Board

Print the Chef Solus Bingo Board to be used with the cut-out food squares. This is part of the Chef Solus Bingo Food Group Game. It is to be used with the Food Groups Call Sheet and Bingo Cards. As food images are drawn and called out, place them on this bingo board. To make bingo board last longer, glue it to a sturdy board and laminate!

About this Sheet

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Brybelly Brybelly Complete Bingo Game Set
Sports (Brybelly)
  • Complete Bingo Game Set with instructions
  • Includes with 18 Bingo cards, 150 Bingo chips, a Bingo board, metal cage and 75 plastic balls.
  • Great for parties, barbeques or family game nights
  • Not for children under 3 years of age
  • Bingo cage measures7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5.

Teaching kids math

by aspiekid

I haven't figured out what is so hard about teaching kids math. My kids have picked it up without hardly any effort on my part. Both learned addition, subtraction and multiplication when they were three! When we go shopping, I play dumb when looking at the sales, then the kids have to figure out the new price for me from the percentage off tags and if it is a good deal or not. They also figure out the price of the fruit and veggies after weighing them. They are age 6 and 9 now. I haven't found a math book that I like yet, but I use Saxon Math as a guide to make sure that I cover all the bases. We don't do the math out of the workbook though. We do the math on the dry erase board or out in the...

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