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Sexy Games for Adult Couples to Play

Peter Cade/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesEven as adults, any games where you tumble down laughing together are good ones. Couples will see that the box for this classic game contains a spinner and a plastic mat marked with colored circles. Spin the dial and move a hand or foot to the colored circle on the floor mat. According to the official rules, a referee is supposed to spin the spinner. When just two play, adjust the rules so that the last person has to make the spinner reachable by his opponent. We're not sure what constitutes winning - but does it really matter?© AreYouGame.com.Fantasy and foreplay are encouraged in this adult game. Again, players pick "to-do" cards in Lust!, which challenges by suggesting romantic and sensual tasks. And the winners end up in bed.© AreYouGame.com.Chocolate plus a game to play? Not since hydrogen and oxygen merged to form water have two more essential elements united. So put aside your anniversary edition of the "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" DVD and oompah-loompah this game, which is a delicious interpretation of Monopoly. Added bonus of playing Strip Chocolate-opoly at a B&B: Someone else washes the sheets. Who wins? He or she who devours the most chocolate, of course.© Are You Game.Is your lovemaking a bit too reality based? Soar to erotic heights with this couples game that suggests a variety of x-rated fantasies that you can choose to enact... or improvise. It's also a comfortable way to express your own secret fantasies to your mate.© AreYouGame.com.How well do you really know your partner? Sometimes it's difficult to tease out those personal details face-to-face. If you'd like to know more about your loved one, try using this to pry loose some history.© Are You Game.Find it exciting to talk dirty in bed, but feel a little inhibited... or could use some inspiration? Get loquacious with the Erotic Magnetic Poetry Kit. Naughty little words (400 count) for you to string together to make sexy sentences that lead to action!© AreYouGame.com.Take along this miniaturized Travel Scrabble set when you meander (7 letters=bingo!) with your partner (7 letters=bingo!), and you're guaranteed to score points. And in this adult lovers version, dirty words count.

Advice please?

by poweroflove

I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years now, but I've know her for 14 years. She has a teenage daughter that's 15. I've grown very fond of her children over these years, and they love me as well. She's currently going through that teenage phase- boys, sex, grades etc.. Her mom wants me to be more of a disciplinarian in her life(her dad is a dead beat)I told her mom that I do not mind giving advice, or being an adult that she can talk to and feel safe confiding in, but the ultimate disciplanary action, should be coming from her. I do all I can for her children, I help with homework, I buy them things, we do family things together(board games, snow trips, dinner)...

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  • includes a convenient travel pouch for portable fun- anywhere, anytime
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What are the top rated board games for families to play?

Some of the top rated board games for families are the classic board game Monopoly, Risk, and Life. There is also Sorry and the mystery board game Clue.

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