Travel board games for Adult

Games for Adults Traveling on a Bus

You don't have to be a veteran tour guide to come up with fun games for adults who are traveling on a bus. There are many ways you can keep boredom at bay when cruising down the highway for hours on end.

Games for Adults Traveling by Bus

One of the best ways to kill time on a long bus ride is to play games. After all, there's only so much chatting and staring out of a window one can take before the ride starts to take its toll. Fortunately, there are plenty of stimulating games for adults that are suitable for bus travel.

Games for Large Groups

If you are traveling with an entire bus filled with people who know each other, then the following games will be a breeze to play. However, if you are traveling with a group of adults who are not all acquainted with one another, and who may not want to participate in game play, then you might consider having some passengers move seats, so that the ones who want to play games are seated together.

Traditional Bingo

Create your own or print online versions of travel bingo cards which feature items that can be viewed inside or outside of the bus. Examples of items include:

  • Bridge
  • Dog
  • Bug
  • Airplane
  • School
  • A license plate with the letter "W"

Each passenger gets a card. The caller announces the items in random order. The person who fills his bingo card first wins.

Magnetic Bingo

Magnetic bingo features traditional cards with magnetic disks that allow passengers to play the game in a moving vehicle without worrying about losing pieces. The caller picks numbered and lettered balls from a bag and calls them out during play. The first person to complete a bingo pattern, wins.

Wheel Game

This game requires the cooperation of the bus driver. Have the driver use a piece of chalk or a pencil to draw numbered slots on the bus' steering wheel and a pointer pointing down to the wheel. Next, take a piece of paper and number it with the same number of slots as found on the steering wheel. Each player guesses where he thinks the pointer will land when the bus stops at the final destination. The grand champion is the one who correctly guesses what number slot will end up at the top of the wheel when it stops.

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