Top board games for Young adults

Table Top Games

Picture of Famous Portraits Matching Pairs GameSolve the puzzle by getting all 56 blocks back in the correct place or simply design your own pattern.Aimed at people with Alzheimer's and dementia and adults with disabilities.

A real traditional board game of Chess and Draughts with authentic colours and design.

A well loved traditional board game that many older people will have played over the years with their families.

The classic game loved by old and young. This chunky set is compact and made from solid wood. The black O's and red X's are large, brightly painted and easy to grasp.

Take a journey through the leading museums of the world and see and play with the world's most famous faces in art with this matching pairs game.

Our Feely Box Game is an original nursing home activity idea that works well with older people with dementia.

Picture of Giant Foam Pattern Blocks

This great compendium of classic games all made of wood contains Chess, Draughts, Backgammon and Dice Games, all of which are very popular with older people. Board / Box measures 29cm x 29cm

A perfect sized game for a group of up to six places to play around a table. Chunky coloured counters and a solid wooden board make this a quality product. 50cm diameter.

A creative activity for young and old. Large foam chunky shapes can be fitted together in any combination.

A simple-to-play, classic game on a big scale - easy to see, easy to handle.

A well-loved traditional game in jumbo size (92cm x92cm withe asy to handle, brightly coloured foam pieces.

Designed by us following requests from carers and visually impaired Bingo fans for large print, wipe clean traditionally sized Bingo Cards - so here they are! 20 Cards + 500 counters.

Picture of Giant Four In A Row

Life Histories is an ideal way for older people to preserve memories, share their life acomplishments and get to know each other.

The key has to passed through the three panels but will only fit if in the correct position, a good mental activity for people with dementia

Bingo with a music theme is a popular combination for this new game. Each picture card has an interesting description about the music feature so you can learn about the world of music while playing the Bingo game.

54 excerpts of well loved tunes, clearly and slowley sung perfect for a great game of musical bingo

Musical Bingo, the perfect activity for Day Centres, Care Homes and Clubs. With this new portable version simply print off the game sheets you require, switch on the CD and you're ready to play. Includes 40 songs .

Add a little variety to your bingo games with this nature version. Bingo cards have 24 squares each featuring a different aspect of nature. 42 nature cards for the caller plus counters for the 2-6 players and the game can begin!

Good old fashioned fun has made this a best selling family game for more than 200 years.

A clever combination of two favourite games - cards and bingo and an easy game to set up and play. Call a card from the pack and cover your board if you have the right match. Suitable for a range of ability levels.

A simple solution to manage a full hand of cards, allowing players to see all their cards either handheld or stood on the table. Pack of 2

Picture of Jumbo Noughts and Crosses Picture of Music Bingo Picture of Musical Bingo Game (new - printable Bingo Card version) Picture of Nature Bingo

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What are some good board games for young adults?

i am looking for ideas for some games to buy to play with my gf or some friends. especially games that arent too complicated that could be fun when drinking a few beers. but really any games that you think are enjoyable

monopoly or scrabble, or if you're drinking why not have fun doing so and play beer pong.

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