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Board Games to Play While Camping

playing board games while camping

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Create warm family memories with these wonderful games to play while camping.

We love playing board games at camp!

We love playing board games at home, too - but life tends to be so busy that we don't often have the time. A family camping trip is the perfect opportunity to catch up on game playing!

On a rainy day

I always hope for at least one rainy day per camping trip - really! - just so we can play board games.

When it rains, it's delightful to be in the RV or the tent, or at the picnic table under a tarp, enjoying the sound of the rain, and playing a game. Of course, that's fun only if there are lots of games that everyone loves - and that's why it's important to bring the right games.

In the late afternoon

You've been to the beach, you've gone for a hike, and everyone is tired. It's too early for supper. What to do? Play board games, of course!

On a very hot afternoon

It's really too hot to do anything. Kids are getting cranky. What to do? Play board games, of course! Soon you'll all forget about the heat and be enjoying yourselves.

playing chess at the picnic tableWhen you hear, "There's nothing to do!"

Once you get into the camping groove, you probably won't hear this at all. Your kids will invent their own activities and be busily occupied all the time.

If you are new to camping, though, and your kids are accustomed to screen time and scheduled activities, they may need to relearn how to entertain themselves. Pull out a board game - and play it with them - and they'll be engaged and happy.

Can be played in a small area

You might want to play on a tiny RV table, in a tent or at a crowded picnic table.

Can be played fairly quickly

You have a lot of fun things to do when you go camping! A short board game can fit into your day and leave time for a trip to the beach too!

Suitable for children of different ages

playing blokus at the picnic tableThe perfect game lets the whole family play together.

Fun for adults

When I go camping, I want to have fun too! The best games to play while camping are enjoyable for the big people as well as the little ones.

Games for backpackers

When you are backpacking, packing space is at a premium! You need games with lots of play value in a very small package.

Leave the boxes at home, and carry the game pieces in a ziploc bag.

Always pack a deck of playing cards, and one or more of these games:


My children will play Uno for hours at a time!

You can play this game anywhere.

The box is small, the rules are simple, but the play value is huge.


This is an awesome word game! Even less-than-confident spellers can play, because you are using just very short words.

Connect Four

This old classic is still lots of fun. My kids play it over ... and over . and over .

If you have the travel version, you can even play in the car!

Games for RVers

If you have a trailer or fifth wheel with lots of cupboard space, you can bring whatever games you like!

playing uno beside the campfire board games in RV cupboard playing gobblet beside the picnic table playing blokus in the trailer

Mobile Application (PADMOB SLNE)
  • Funny memory game to keep your brain active.
  • There are 12 levels of difficulty available.
  • It is a game for both adults and children.

No christian right wing for me

by i-want-hillary

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling on federal regulators to investigate the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, a popular video game series that allows players to go on simulated crime sprees.
In a letter she is sending Thursday to the Federal Trade Commission, the New York Democrat expresses concern over reports that anyone who uses a free code downloaded over the Internet can unlock sexually graphic images hidden inside the game, called "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."
Clinton asked the commission to determine "the source of this content," especially since the game can fall into the hands of young people. The game industry's self-policing unit, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, is investigating whether the maker of the game violated the industry rule requiring...

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