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No Child's Play: Board games for adults are gradually seeing an upward trend in India

Game nights and ‘play groups’ are breaking the Indian myth that board games are only for kids, Pooja Bhula reports.

  • Members of the group Mumbai Board Gamers enjoy a game

Contenders like Haath Party and Kamal Party fight for power across a board where careful strategy and the throw of the dice determine who will win the maximum number of seats. Sounds familiar? Marrying India’s fascination with things political to a new interest in adult board games, Politics of India hopes to make a mark in a market monopolised by global classics like, well, Monopoly and newer ones like The settlers of Catan.

“Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about elections, but politics was surely on my mind, ” says Jodhpur-based Sreekanth Bohra, who runs a tech start-up with his partner Ritu Choudhary. Geeky Buddha is into electronic projects and mobile apps. A board game may seem out of sync, but is totally in keeping with the resurgence in game nights and ‘play groups’.

Sreekanth came up with the idea of Politics of India, last January, after an intense session of board gaming at Bangalore Board Gamers (BBG), a public meet-up in Bangalore. The production of 2, 000 copies began in April and the launch—for which he has tied up stores like Landmark and online retailer Flipkart—is planned for July.

BBG with a membership of 1, 300, has meet-ups every week. It has a collection of 50 games and its current organiser, Ajith Kumar lays out 10-15 in each meeting. Members pick games and play in groups. While it is not compulsory, most members contribute Rs. 100 every week towards the groups fund, which is used to buy new games and replace lost or damaged parts. Bangalore also has meet-ups for poker, business games and board gaming at night.

Ajith shares, "The culture of online gaming in India has increased traffic the board gaming way as many are adaptations of online ones and have similar rules."

In Mumbai, the buzz of board gaming in public spaces began five years ago with Board Games Bash (BGB), started by Ajesh Shah and Tarun Durga. What started off as a group of 10 at Carter Road, now has a Facebook presence of 1, 043 members and most BGB events see about 25-30 people.

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Clinton asked the commission to determine "the source of this content," especially since the game can fall into the hands of young people. The game industry's self-policing unit, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, is investigating whether the maker of the game violated the industry rule requiring...

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