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Reverse Charades Junior is fun for family play

Reverse Charades Junior boxReverse Charades Junior is a great charades game for families.

Last year we reviewed Reverse Charades and Rollick – a couple games that employed the same new charades game mechanic. Both of these games had a twist on the typical charades game play of 1 person acting out while their teammates tried to guess the word or phrase. Instead, as the name implies, Reverse Charades and Rollick challenges the group to act out while only 1 person guesses.

Who knew that such a simple twist on charades could lead to so much fun.

However, even though they’re a lot of fun to play, we found that they aren’t as fun for children. A lot of the reason why they aren’t as fun for family play with kids is because many of the words are unfamiliar to a younger crowd. So instead we mostly play Reverse Charades and Rollick when we’re with a group of adults.

Reverse Charades Junior cardsBut then along came Reverse Charades Junior and it all changed. Now we can have a great time playing this fun charades game with our whole family. And it’s not limited to just our kids. We recently took Reverse Charades Junior with us on a vacation with our extended family and playing it was a big hit.

Everyone in the family had a terrific time acting, guessing, and laughing a ton. When it’s not your team’s turn, it’s hilarious to watch the many other team members trying to act out the words. Seeing the different way each person will act out a word is a lot of fun. With one person acting it’s easy to focus. But when you have 5 people trying to act something out and each one doing it slightly different, the pressure is now on the guesser.

Another funny phenomenon is seeing how each person acting out will slowly draw closer to the guesser straining to get their attention. And before you know it, everyone’s as close as they can get with the pained expression of “why can’t you understand what I’m acting out?”

Great words for kids
Reverse Charades Junior is full of words that kids can enjoy acting out as well. If your youngsters can read, then they can play. And even though the words are easy for kids to understand, adults also still have a lot of fun acting out things like toothpaste, dog pile, bee sting, glass slipper, and slam dunk.

So if you’ve got a group of 6 or more and you’re looking for a fun and active game to play that will keep you laughing and having a great time, we’d highly suggest you play Reverse Charades Junior.

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Well its a young city and a younger group you

by lukurdadsnastrnot

Work with but they are out there. Spend much time on the downtown mall? I used to work there.. many of those folks see each other every day- they become friends just through association.
Do you play chess? try the mudhouse. sit at a table with a board set and you will be approached for a game.
The old man in the turban is said to be the best player in c'ville- he doesnt speak english and won't approach you for a game until he sees you are good.
The second best is an asshole. you should recognize him by that description.
Lotsa kids play there, but lotsa adults too. some of my best games were with 40+ folks.
Also I am younger so naturally the younger crowd was more comfortable approaching me.
Adults are more comfortable challenging the entire age...

But what about the violent games?

by babyalligatornli

What i mean is, is there a concensus (among the parents who regulate video gaming) that they SHOULD be avoided?
i guess what i'm really eager to hear other people talk about is what their feelings are about fantasy violence -- which is pretty ubiquitous in childhood in various forms. i tried to initiate some discussion of this a few months ago, but no one really bit. i'm less interested in talking about specific media (though i confess, i do find regular tv pretty much loser programming across the board. its not about elitism in the abstract, its about the fact that i myself find nearly all tv incredibly stupid. yes, of course there are exceptions.)
obviously its normal for children (and adults) to fantasize about being powerful beings who can break the everyday rules...

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