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Pride & Prejudice The Game: A Review

Happy P&P Week, Y'all! I'm doubly excited, because not only is Lizzie Bennet my FAVORITE character like, ever, but I just moved to Scotland three days ago! And as Jane Austen taught us, Scotland is like the Las Vegas of the British Isles. So if you'll excuse me, I have to go sip a margarita by the pool... Wait. What do you mean it's cold, overcast, and windy here? I THOUGHT I WAS MOVING TO BRITISH NEVADA! Jane Austen did not adequately prepare me for grad school.

Anyway, before I left the States, I went to visit my parents' house! And do you know what's at my parents' house? Free food and a cat that's doing his best impression of Lucifer in Cinderella! And also, this board game:

The Premise

You represent one of literature's greatest couples: Jane and Bingley, Lizzie and Darcy, Collins and Charlotte, or Lydia and Whickham. Like Mrs. Bennett, your main goal in life is to get your characters married off before anyone else. But before you can race to the chapel, you must first show that you are marrige-ready by navigating your way through Society and proving your knowledge of the source material.

Aesthetic Appeal

The board itself is kind of cute, and I appreciate that the character pieces are clearly modeled after their miniseries counterparts, rather than other inferior versions of the film. Some of their faces are kind of creepy though; somehow Mr. Collins comes of looking even grosser than in the movie. Overall, I'd give it a B+ for artistic effort.


So as I mentioned before, the object of the game is a race to the chapel to get married. At the beginning of the game, you select a couple to play with. Now, nowhere in the rules* does it specify that you have to play with an actual couple, so my mom and I decided to raise the stakes:

Lydia and Collins, because they deserve each other, and Darcy and Bingley, because I know there's got to be some serious slash fanfiction out there.

My dad joined in later in the game and paired up Wickham and Lizzie, because Jane and Charlotte are too boring to play with and all the other men were taken.

*Actually, it totally specifies in the rulebook that you play with one of the four pre-selected couples. But rules were made to be broken! Also, my favorite sport is Calvinball and I'm extremely bad at following instructions.

Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Redneck Wisdom Board Game
Toy (Duck Dynasty)
  • Based on the hit TV show, Duck Dynasty
  • Over 500 questions and quotes that will keep you guessing
  • For 2-12 players

Well its a young city and a younger group you

by lukurdadsnastrnot

Work with but they are out there. Spend much time on the downtown mall? I used to work there.. many of those folks see each other every day- they become friends just through association.
Do you play chess? try the mudhouse. sit at a table with a board set and you will be approached for a game.
The old man in the turban is said to be the best player in c'ville- he doesnt speak english and won't approach you for a game until he sees you are good.
The second best is an asshole. you should recognize him by that description.
Lotsa kids play there, but lotsa adults too. some of my best games were with 40+ folks.
Also I am younger so naturally the younger crowd was more comfortable approaching me.
Adults are more comfortable challenging the entire age...

But what about the violent games?

by babyalligatornli

What i mean is, is there a concensus (among the parents who regulate video gaming) that they SHOULD be avoided?
i guess what i'm really eager to hear other people talk about is what their feelings are about fantasy violence -- which is pretty ubiquitous in childhood in various forms. i tried to initiate some discussion of this a few months ago, but no one really bit. i'm less interested in talking about specific media (though i confess, i do find regular tv pretty much loser programming across the board. its not about elitism in the abstract, its about the fact that i myself find nearly all tv incredibly stupid. yes, of course there are exceptions.)
obviously its normal for children (and adults) to fantasize about being powerful beings who can break the everyday rules...


What os the latest board game that hip adults play at parties?

A new and fun drinking game! Strip N Sip! Enjoy!

Adult party board games?

Looking for some adult party board games. My fav's that I already have are Quelf and Saucy Charades. So that kinda gives you an idea of what I'm looking for. Want to know what board games are out there where you all have to act goofy. We have dinner parties with men and women and its all just adults playing them, so they can have adult content. Now I don't mean we want to get naked or have sex with each other!!! Any suggestions? Thanks!

Things. It is a really great game so long as you have a minimum of 4 people and you can play with as many people as you want. It asks questions such as "Things you shouldn't do in a car." Each person writes an answer and then the object if the game is to guess who had which answer. The answers can be anything that you want so it gets pretty silly and filled with sexual innuendo.

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