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Board games as kids are a great form of education and entertainment. So, why should it be any different for adults? Thanks to some creative minds out there, there are a range of board games (for adults only) to play in the privacy of their bedroom.


Monogamy a hot affair…with your partner! Dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play the hottest game ever! Monogamy will have you loving and laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the dice. Along the way, you’ll experience new, exciting and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! Monogamy the perfect start to a really hot affair!

Monogamy Intimate Expansion Kit


The kit is a seductively packaged array of accessories and props including:

  • 7x All New Intimate Cards
  • 7x All New Passionate Cards
  • 7x All New Steamy Cards
  • 4x All New Fantasy Cards
  • 2x Silky Wrist Ties
  • 1x Playful Tickler
  • 1x Personal Vibrating Massager
  • 1x Sensual Eye Mask
  • 1x Heart Embossed Paddle
  • 1x Strawberry and Champagne Massage Candle

Each of the items can be used to incorporate into the original Monogamy game (see above) or can be used alone along with the cards included in the kit for a little taster of the Monogamy game.

monogamy board gameFlick!

Flick will add a whole new fun and sexy dimension to your life as a couple!

Each person uses their “flicking” skill (or luck) to win and accumulate sexy or erotic tasks from the Romance, Foreplay, Turning Up the Heat, and Hot & Heavy categories.

Choose Your Pleasure

Get all the fun of a naughty board game without ever having to leave the comfort of your bed. This is the grown up game for playful couples and is bound to put a naughty smile on your face.

Split the cards into HIS and HER decks with the activities face down. Players take turn rolling the dice. If the dice comes up HER she draws a card from the HER deck and may choose one of the activities and vice versa for him. One roll per player per turn.

Foolin Around Game

Foolin’ Around is perfect for games night with the missus or if you’re planning on having a few couples round and need some hilariously fun (and naughty) entertainment to to make it a memorable evening.

flick board game choose your pleasure fooling around board game dirty minds board game

INI, LLC I've Never Board Game Adult Version
Toy (INI, LLC)
  • Great party game
  • Unique conversation starters
  • Ice breaker questions
  • Be the hit of the party
  • Great for bachelor/bachelorette parties

Sometimes you need to force "fun"

by ---

In order for it to become a habit again after you have kids.
Make efforts like having adult dinner one or two nights a week after the kids are in bed, getting a babysitter every once in awhile if you feel comfortable and can afford it. If not, make your own fun at home. Have movie night with popcorn and the lights low after the kids are in bed. Go to family oriented places where you will enjoy yourself as well and where they kids may be occupied enough so that you can talk and enjoy each other as well.
Talk to your husband. You may need to take the creating of fun on your shoulders for a little bit, but if you do that and still feel a disconnect, talk to him. Maybe you could alternate an adult night each week, taking turn with the planning and making it a surprise. This is...

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What os the latest board game that hip adults play at parties?

A new and fun drinking game! Strip N Sip! Enjoy!

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