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You might not have heard about this great game but it’s a “hoot” literally! Mattel earned party of the year award in 2006! You might be asking why I called it the best “new” party game and here we are in 2013. I did this because most of my friends have still not heard of it. Board games tend to take a few years to get around.

On the surface you might be misled into thinking that this is a game for kids,after all it does include various barn animals and requires you to make barn animal sounds,but this is the perfect party game for adults.


Each person draws a barn animal out of the black bag. You then go around clockwise and ask each person which sound they are going to use for their barn animal. This could literally be as simple as a house rule that it must be the “exact” animal sound or a general rule where you can use anything for your animal’s sound! For example,one time one of our guests used “point” for his dog’s animal sound. (It resembled the sound the dog made on the movie up.) After everyone has their sounds the animals go in the barn and everyone is left trying to remember what each other’s sounds are. Taking turns clockwise,cards are drawn and when two people have a match the race is on to see who can remember the other person’s sound first. The best part is the game and action continues while they are making their barn animal sounds.

Snorta Party Card Game
Snorta Party Board Game

You're welcome!

by Msfit777

And yes, of course I know you hear lots worse things from your friends than anything on this board. But coming from your friends is not the same as witnessing adults (strangers) talking about it.
It's just better for you to learn about sex and discuss it with your parents and other trusted adults in your family, who know you best, than absorb what you read or see on the internet from strangers who may (or may NOT) have their heads screwed on straight. Lots of things you see and read are just people playing head games with each other, or from people who may give you ideas that will harm you without you even realizing it. Adults can throw this dirty talk around, and we can take it and throw it back because we've already learned the basics and know when not to take things seriously....

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