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How to Introduce Board Games to Adults

Introducing new playersWe recently provided suggestions about . Today we’d like to offer a few suggestions for introducing board games and card games to adults who don’t typically play board games.

As with introducing games to kids, the important thing to remember is that if the new players don’t have fun, they’ll be less likely to play again. So your job as the person introducing a game is to see that they’re having fun. And even though in general everyone loves to win, the new players don’t have to win a game to have fun.

One of the best ways to introduce board games or card games to adults is to do in as a group. One of the great benefits of playing board games is that the fun comes from the social interaction during the games.Tsuro When you think about the best times you’ve had playing games, most likely they were great because of the people you were playing with. That’s why playing as a group and focusing on the fun that comes from the social interaction is a great way to introduce games to new players.

Of course, as you know, when you get together with a group of adults, you’re going to come across a number of different personalities. There will be some who are going to be outgoing and some who may just like to hang back. When you pull out a game to play, you’ll want to see that people on both extremes as well as those in the middle have fun. I’ll say that with a caveat because even though you need to set the stage for fun, everyone has ultimate responsibility for their own actions and emotions so don’t beat yourself up if not everyone has the time of their life.

We’ve found that a good way to start introducing games to a group of people is to start with what are commonly referred to as “filler games.” These are typically games that are short and don’t require much instruction.Word on the Street Junior So they are easy to pick up and join in for a quick round of play. They are good ice breakers and can be played while people are still arriving.

Then we’d suggest you pull out a good group game – typically referred to as “party games”. There are a ton of good party games that encourage social interaction. The key to look for are games that can cover the range of the outgoing individuals with the more reserved individuals. So party games that can be played in teams work out well when you have these distinct personalities in the room. These games also don’t put pressure on individuals who don’t want to be in the limelight. Two of the games we highly recommend that fit the bill well are Word on the Street and Apples to Apples.

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