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Ten Best Board Games For Adults

Some time ago, we had a very informative post on the best board games for adults. Who would have thunk that board games for adults would become a big thing?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather play board games for adults when at a friend’s than have everyone else doing his own thing on a smartphone or tablet. I think it’s time that we raise the flag for more human interaction, even if it’s silly board games!

Here are 10 more board games for adults that will give you a good night (at home or elsewhere) with like-minded friends.

1. Smart Ass

Trivia game, Smart Ass adds more fun by allowing anyone to yell out the answer any time. You know that smart ass in your group who always beats everyone to the punch when a question is asked? You can be that in this game. Just make sure it doesn’t come to punches…

If you’re up for a humorous night playing glamorous grown ups, then this board game might do the trick. Players have to have a sense of humor, though, as things get rather silly with players teaming up as couples; and the man having to earn as much money as he can, while the woman spends it all. Oh, it’s kind of sexist, too, so don’t invite your hardcore feminist friends.

If you’ve always dreamt of being a pirate, then a night of playing Libertalia will delight you. You can even have your teenaged relatives join you, so you can be a cool aunt or uncle. Just make sure you bring your ruthless, competitive self to the game, else you might end up having to walk the plank.

4. Drink a Palooza Board Game

While we’re talking silly, why not dive right into a drinking game? Any game can be turned into a drinking game, but here’s a board game that actually is all about getting you to drink as it combines practically all drinking games in one package.

Boxers or Briefs? is good for 4-10 players. It’s basically a trivia game, but this time, the players are the ones who are put on the hot seat. There is the potential for embarrassment, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

6. Dirty Minds

It’s probably not what you think, because this board game, while suggested for adults, is all about “clean” answers. So, the dirtier your mind is, the worse you will be at playing. One thing’s for sure: you’ll all have a hoot playing.

We are very creative.

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Board games
mini golf
swimming in a real creek NOT a pool
county fair (entering our livestock)
4 H
movie night on Fridays in front of the computer with popcorn
sewing projects for Yule (Christmas)
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going to a ballet (to see my girl dance)
going to a play
(local actors only 3 bucks for adults to get in)
playing rummy

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