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Aggravation Board Game

The following are some of the editions:

  • The original classic edition of the board game Aggravation was made for 2-4 players and included beautiful glass marbles in four colors.
  • Deluxe Aggravation changed the game board to include two additional players making the game for 2-6 players.
  • Later regular editions of the Aggravation game boards were made for 2-6 players.
  • In 1971 the Lakeside company introduced a split level edition of the game.
  • CO-5 introduced a junior edition of Aggravation for 2-3 players called Joltz Aggravation
  • Deluxe Party edition
  • Party edition
  • In 1980 Lakeside introduced a travel edition of the game.
  • Super Aggravation was introduced by Lakeside in 1984

Although the rules of the game are the same, newer editions of the Aggravation game board are different from the older editions. On older game boards, the playing field is formed in a symmetrical shape similar to an asterisk. On the newer editions of the game, there are still the same number of spaces for each player, but the symmetry of the game board has been replaced with different shapes and irregular patterns for each of the players.

Hand Crafted Boards for the Game Aggravation

Many Aggravation game players prefer to play on beautiful wooden game boards that are hand crafted in a variety of exquisite woods. These types of game boards are offered from The Unique Home and Garden Shoppe in 18 and 20 inch octagonal shapes that are hand rubbed for added beauty. The game boards are crafted in the following woods, with or without, birch inlays:

  • Oak
  • Red oak
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Black walnut
  • Maple

Wooden Aggravation game boards with their beautiful colored glass marbles and symmetrical design make lovely decorative conversation pieces when displayed on a coffee table, game table or low shelf. However, if there are young children in the house, use caution as the marbles can be swallowed.

Atlas Games Once Upon A Time
Toy (Atlas Games)
  • Story-telling card game
  • Contains: Rules booklet, 110 Once Upon A Time storytelling cards, 55 Happy Ever After ending cards, Blank cards
  • For 2-6 players

Looking for people interested in BOARD gaming

by clhon

Either Wednesdays and/or weekends, preferably Saturday. And board games include non CCGs.
Wednesdays there's about three of us who meet at Coffee Talk in Kaimuki. This is irregular, however, because if one of us can't make it any particular week, another bows out. If you have the time though, swing in about 6:30-7:00. We usually don't go much past 8:00/8:30, so they're usually shorter games.
Weekends either Kailua or town side. There's 2 of us looking to get in longer games when we can, so at least a third person is needed.
Either time, between the various people involved, we have a number of games already, including, in no particular order:
Citadels, Starfarers of Catan, Settlers of Catan, Succession, Terra Nova, Tigris and Euphrates, Civilization & Advanced...

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