Titanic the board game rules

SOS Titanic


The story:

There was this ship and this ship hit an iceberg. The ship couldn’t take it and sank within three hours or so. The crew tried to save as many people as possible, rich and poor. Women and children first! True story..

What you get for your money:

60 Passenger cards (26 1st class, 34 2nd class), 20 action cards and 10 crew member cards and the rules. You also get a Titanic booklet, this shows you the sinking RMS Titanic.

How do you play the game:

You are one of the crew members of the Titanic and are trying to save as many people as possible. You can play solo or cooperatively with other crew members. There are purple 1st class passengers (cards numbered 2-13) and yellow 2nd class passengers (2-17) and they want to get on a 1st or 2nd class lifeboat (the purple or yellow number 1). Every crew member has a special ability and can give certain orders to the passengers with action cards.

The Titanic booklet shows the ship with 6 decks. At the starts of the game people have gathered on the first four decks in four rows (from front to back: 4, 6, 8, 10 cards/people). Initially you only can see the first card of every row and the other passengers are below deck (draw pile).

In your turn you need to rearrange the passengers from high to low (Patience style). 1st class and 2nd class people don’t mix, The highest cards from every suit (13 & 17) can be put on an unoccupied deck. When a lifeboat pops up, you can lower that boat and you can start placing people of that class on the boat (low to high). They’re survivors now.

When you cannot rearrange the passengers, you must either set up the passengers rescue or play an action card. When you set up the passengers rescue, you basically call people from below deck and order them to go in a line. Take some cards, depending on which crew member you are, and choose one that you can place correctly on a deck. Discard the rest. With action cards you can give certain orders, like call a specific person from below deck or order to mix lines. One action card is a collapsible boat. Thing like that.

Opportunity to test new board game

by michadmin

Does anyone know of game players who are interested in trying out a new boardgame, pre-publication?
We have a great new game called The Magician's Contest. It's a little like Chess, with many characters who have different powers.
We are looking for groups who like to get together to play games anyway, who would take our game out of the box, read the rules, and play it, then give us feedback.
We need testers who have played games like Settlers of Cataan and Magic.
Thanks for your help.

Like League of Legends? Play Table Top Games?

by Flexserve

Looking for a few good gamers and great artists and designers. We are currently working on the table top conversion for the League of legends video game. This MOBA styled board game needs artists of all kinds 3D/drawn and Adobe Indesign specialists. We are currently prototyping the miniatures, board, and compiling a set of rules that keep this game fast moving and exciting to pley. If you have any talent that you can bring to the table visit: hadokengames dot com On the site we run contests for RP and have further gaming information. Thanks guys!

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