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link to AmazonsAmazons is a well established strategy game from South America, recreated in AI Factory style.

The Mediterranean cafe society game with a long history of popularity, this version is a strong engine accomodating doubling, match game and the Crawford rule.

You will find it hard to beat this game. Great concentration is needed to avoid silly errors. This implementation has been designed to provide a strong engine on even tiny to Backgammon US and UK rules are options available in Checkers:US rules state that if there is a possible capture, no other move is allowed, while UK rules allow the player to choose whether a possible capture will be followed through.

Treebeard is our new Chess engine! Stronger and faster, with variable characterisation, this uses new techniques to allow engine implementation on small devices.

This 2D version of Chess uses Chess Tal and has a configurable layout, so that the player can arrange the available information as they like, as well as choosing from 6 different chess sets.

Chinese Checkers is played by moving pieces one square at a time or jumping other pieces for as long as there are jumps available. This can present the player with potentially thousands of jumping moves, so can make play very complex.

Like Chess, this game is a serious challenge. A key difference between this and Chess is the limitation of the scope of some pieces, which are confined to certain regions of the board.

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Its got a very small player base...

by Viscoto

But its well worth the effort! that and i need help hyping it up a bit, so if you know friends that like to play strategy games like chess, this will be for them.
Check out the myspace, its got the rules and information about it. Its an online board game called khet. Its fun, and very VERY strategy based. Like chess+checkers only with lasers and mirrors :)

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  • User stats for each level played
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What is rule number three to the Ouija board game

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