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One-Eyed Jack

one-eyed jack boardWith thanks to William Gaul, Becky Beers, Tami Verdone and Mark Cornell for information about various versions of the game and board.


This game, played in parts of in the Eastern USA (North Carolina, Tennessee, and perhaps other places), is known by various names including Jack Foolery, Jack Off and perhaps others. It is played with cards, poker chips and a board which is home made from a second deck of cards which are cut in half and glued to a base to make a 10x10 board. A commercial version of the game was published by Jax in 1982 under the name Sequence. The object is to form rows of five poker chips on the board, by placing chips on the board spaces that correspond to cards played from your hand.

Players and Equipment

There can be two, three or four players. Four normally play as partners.

SequenceTwo standard American 52-card packs without jokers are used - 104 cards in all.

Also a board is required made from another 52-card pack with two jokers from which the four jacks have been removed, leaving 50 cards. Each of the 50 cards is cut to make two square pieces which are pasted onto two cells of the 10x10 board - see illustration. The exact arrangement of the cards on the board is not critical except that the four joker spaces should be in the corners. Usually the cards are placed in some sort of symmetrical or spiral sequence, to create a pleasing visual pattern.

A supply of chips or counters is needed: about 50 each of two colours if there are two or four players; about 40 each of three colours for three players. These are placed on the board to denote which player or team owns a cell.

Setup and Deal

Each player or team takes the chips of one colour. The 104 cards are shuffled and the dealer deals a hand of 7 cards to each player is there are 2 players, 6 each if there are 3 players, and 5 each if there are 4 players. The undealt cards are stacked face down to form a stock pile from which cards will be drawn dureing the game.


Players take turns in clockwise order, starting to dealer's left. At your turn you play one card from your hand face up on the table, and place a chip of your colour (or your team's colour) on an unoccupied space on the board whose card corresponds to the card you played. Then you replenish you hand by drawing the top card from the stock pile and it is the next player's turn.

Two-eyed jacks are wild. Playing a two-eyed jack (clubs or diamonds) entitles the player to place a chip of his or her colour on any unoccupied space on the board.

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