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Victorian style PlanchetteThe word is pronounced "Wee-ja" but sadly often mispronounced (incorrectly) as "Wee-ji".

The origins of the Ouija board begin with two sisters; the Fox sisters, who actively claimed to communicate with spirits on a regular basis. They developed a system of knocks for each letter of the alphabet and so communicated with the spirit world using this method. Word traveled fast about the sisters' talent of contacting the dead and soon everyone from America to Europe wanted to do the same.

Parlour games were soon on the market with the first being the "Planchette" meaning Little Board in French.
The Planchette was a board of wood with a pencil attached and two wheels. Fingers would be placed on the board of wood and the spirits would guide the movement of hands creating words. Of course these games were open to interpretation and often players could not decipher what it was the spirits were saying and soon became bored with the amount of time it took to spell out words.

Ouija boardMore games such as this became available but in 1891 two gentlemen, Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard, had an idea to attach the planchette to a board with the alphabet on it and had in fact invented the first Ouija board. The famous "William Fuld", who at the time was an employee of Kennard eventually took over production of the board in 1901 under his own company name and quickly patented the name "Ouija". He then successfully sold his version of the board under that name.
Fuld claimed the word "Ouija" was entirely his idea and given to him via a séance using his very own board. He claimed the word was ancient Egyptian for "Good Luck". This is incorrect, but the name has continued on ever since.

William Fuld actively sued copies of the Ouija or any other companies daring to use the name or concept right up until his death in 1927. The Fuld business was eventually sold off to Parker Brothers (now Hasbro) in 1966. Hasbro still holds the trademark to this day, however this trademark is not international and also not genericizised for the Ouija board.

Ouija boards are sold in stores such as Toys 'R' Us (USA), however if you are serious about buying a board, and want it now, try printing out our or if you want a proper wooden Ouija as sold by Hasbro try as they have a large range of Ouija Boards and similar items for sale.

The Canada Games Company Limited Vintage Ouija (Rules, Planchette, Hardboard)
Single Detail Page Misc (The Canada Games Company Limited)
  • Vintage Ouija from The Canada Games Company Limited
  • What power is released when fingers touch?

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What is rule number three to the Ouija board game

Ouija board rule number three - Place a silver coin on the Ouija board. Silver has often been thought as a weapon against evil spirits.

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