Rules for Solitaire board games

Non-solitaire games that have solo rules in BGG

I often play boardgames and wargames solo since this hobby is not popular in Hong Kong, the place where I live. Thus, I own quite a lot of solitaire games. When I pick up a game in a shop, the first thing I try to do is to look at the back of the box to see whether this game is suitable for solo play. It is a great disappointment when I discover a great game which cannot be played solo. At that time, I will memorize the name of the game and then search through BGG to find whether someone has devised solo rules for that game. It is difficult to express my joy when I discover that someone has designed solo rules for my favorite game. Then, a click on the "favorite" botton becomes an instinct. This is usually followed by a trip to the shop to get that game.

Now, I have got a list of solo rules created by members in the BGG. I wish to share this list with you all, especially those solo players.

Here are some guidelines that I follow in making this list:
1. Games are listed by their rank in the Geeklist, popular games come first.
2. I do not include games published before 2000. Thus, the games in my list are still mostly available.
3. For some games, this might not be rules. It may be just ideas how to play the game solo.
4. I also include some games that have official solo rules but have been superceded by better rules designed by BGG users, such as Runebound and Tomb.

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