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The deal. Four cards to each player. An extra hand is dealt which will be the Crib. The balance of the pack is place in the middle of the table and the top card turned up alongside it to start a discard pile.

The play - Each player starting to the dealers left either takes the top card of the discard pile or draws one from the pack and then discards one card face up on top of the discard pile. The object is to make the best cribbage hand using the face up card on top of the discard pile as the fifth card. The play must go around once before any player call the game.

After everyone has had one turn, a player may use his turn to call instead of drawing a card. When the game is called, the drawing and discarding phase of the game ends. The card that is then on top of the discard pile becomes the fifth card for all players.

When the play is finished the caller counts his hand using the up card and pegs that amount. Each of the other player then do the same. Any player whose count exceeds that of the "caller" pegs five extra points. The player with the highest count takes the Crib (the extra hand dealt in the beginning).

The points are pegged on standard boards and go to 120 as in the usual game. Two boards are needed, least one a three player boards.

It is a social game which we usually play weekly at our game night. When we have two three or four players we play the standard game but many times we have five or six and prefer this to splitting up into two games.

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What are race and chase board games?

Board games in which you race and chase.

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