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Monopoly Millionaire Review: The classic board game reinvented for Windows Phone 8

Monopoly Millionaire for Windows Phone 8 housesThis week we take an in-depth look at from Nokia and Electronic Arts. Millionaire enjoys the distinction of being the first Nokia-published Xbox game to require Windows Phone 8 (Mass Effect: Inflitrator is the second). It also requires 1 GB of RAM for some reason, which stinks for a less than hardware intensive game. But people with the hardware that can run Millionaire will find a pretty impressive take on the ancient game of Monopoly.

Monopoly Millionaire for Windows Phone 8 setupPlaying it honors our ancestors or something!

Old is new again

Monopoly Millionaire started life as a 2012 board game based on the original Monopoly. Hasbro’s goal was to streamline the classic game so that it could be finished in a reasonable amount of time, as opposed to lasting for days. Thus the goal is no longer to bankrupt other players but to reach a specific wealth target.

You can choose between one million dollars and two million for that target. Either way, the game should take less than an hour to finish. Since we’re reviewing the mobile version here, the shorter playing time is definitely a good thing. And of course you can save any game in progress and resume it later.

Monopoly Millionaire board comparisonGoing bankrupt still knocks someone out of the game, though it’s a bit less likely to occur over this game’s shorter time span. Bankrupt players do have a few last ditch options to fall back on, such as cramming all of their valuables into a suitcase and then leaving the country for one without an extradition treaty. Not really, but they can sell houses and hotels back for half of their initial cost, mortgage properties, or sell properties to another player. The goal is to keep everyone in the game until somebody hits that monetary bulls-eye.

Not quite online

Monopoly Millionaire for Windows Phone 8 cardsMillionaire supports any combination of 2-4 human and computer players. If playing with computer players, their difficulty can be globally set to Easy, Medium, or Hard – no mixing and matching AI levels. The difficulty levels are aptly named, though the Easy AI is still pretty competitive during auctions, which we’ll get to in a bit.

The original Windows Phone 7 Monopoly only supported pass-and-play multiplayer, as games of that time lacked the ability to implement local W-Fi or online multiplayer. Millionaire doesn’t go all-in and provide online multiplayer, but it does at least add local Wi-Fi into the mix as of the version 1.2 update (just like the iOS version). As far as I know, EA has yet to produce a mobile online Monopoly game for any platform.

Monopoly Millionaire for Windows Phone 8 Monopoly Millionaire for Windows Phone 8 Trading

Electronic Arts Inc. Monopoly MILLIONAIRE
Mobile Application (Electronic Arts Inc.)
  • Zoom past wannabes in the fastest MONOPOLY experience ever!
  • Purchase palatial Dreamland Properties like Bling Beach and Paradise Island
  • Splurge on upgradable Movers - show friends how hot you roll!
  • Compete for the Million with friends in Pass n Play
  • Test your moneymaker with 3 difficulty modes
  • Get lucky! Fortune Cards can speed up your rise OR send you back to broke

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