Joker cards board game rules

Pegs and Jokers

woodimage boardBoard made by Lonnie Beagles in sections that fit together
to accommodate any number of players. Visit his
Wood Image site for details of how to purchase these.

Some people use colored golf tees as the pegs for this game. Others use the small colored plastic bulbs that fit into ceramic christmas trees - supplies of these bulbs can be obtained from Ceramic Art Space.

Deal and play of cards

Five cards are dealt to each player, and the remaining cards are stacked face down. As usual players hold their cards so that they can see their faces but no one else can. Played cards form a face up pile on the table. Players take turns in clockwise order. At your turn you do the following:

  1. Draw one card from the top of the face-down deck, so that you hold six cards.
  2. Play one card of your choice from your hand face up onto your discard pile.
  3. Move according to the power of the played card.

One side of a Pegs and Jokers boardIf you have any card (except a joker) that allows you to move a peg, you must play such a card, even if the move is disadvantageous. However, if you have no cards (except jokers) that enable you to move you may discard one card of your choice without moving and draw a card to replace it. This ends your turn. Discarding without moving normally happens only at the start of the game, when a player has no aces or pictures to move any peg out of the start area.

A player is never forced to play a joker: if you have no other move you may keep the joker and discard another card.

Movement of pegs - general rules

All the pegs begin in their own start areas. From there they move to the neighbouring "come out" hole, and then around the board clockwise. On reaching its own "in-spot" a peg may take the branch into its safe "home" track. No peg may ever move into any start or home area other than its own.

In the basic game, except in special circumstances described below, you may only move your own pegs.

You may never land on or pass over a hole occupied by one of your own pegs, but you may pass over or land on other player's pegs. Passing over a peg of a different color has no effect on it, but landing exactly in the hole occupied by a peg of a different color has the following results:

  • When a peg lands on an opponent's peg, the opponent's peg is immediately moved back to its start area.
  • When a peg lands on a partner's peg, the partner's peg is immediately moved to its "in-spot", provided the partner does not already have a peg there. It is illegal to land on your partner's peg if that partner already has a peg on his or her own in-spot.

Movement of pegs - effects of individual cards

In order to move your peg out of your start area, you must play a jack, queen, king, ace (to move it to its "come out" hole) or a joker (to move it to the hole occupied by a peg of a different color anywhere on the main track).

When playing a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10, you move one of your own pegs that is not in your start area forward that number of holes along the track.

When playing an ace, you may either move one of your pegs from your start area to your "come out" hole, or move one of your pegs forward one hole.

When playing a jack, queen or king you may either move one of your pegs from your start area to your "come out" hole, or move one of your pegs forward 10 holes.

Avalon Hill The Great Dalmuti
Toy (Avalon Hill)
  • 80-card commercial deck contains cards ranked from 12 to 1, along with two jokers
  • Each card bears a number, which is not only its rank, but also tells you how many of that card exists in the deck
  • A light card game where players gain status by going out first
  • Seat positions change and the cards are re-dealt
  • Person who first got rid of all his cards becomes The Great Dalmuti

On line (aim/aol) V:tM game seeking new players

by BbNST

This is an invite to join our on line V:tM chronicle, Boston by Night: "Power Corrupts..."
Novice players are always welcome as are old pros- rules lawyers need not apply.
Boston is a large city Kindred-wise (about 50 vampires). All of the characters were, at one point, PCs. Since the game has lasted over 5 years, players have come and gone but some NPCs remained for various reasons. I can no longer handle playing all of the NPCs.
I'm looking for new players to take over NPCs and make them your own. It can be intimidating to jump into an established character in a long running game, but these NPCs are very broadly drawn and have had minimal interaction. You would create the character sheet the only requirement is that you incorporate the few established facts about...

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Brybelly Single Blue Deck Standard Playing Cards (Wide Size, Regular Index)
Sports (Brybelly)
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  • Poker size, standard index
  • Cards measure 3.5 x 2.5
  • Made from plastic-coated paper
  • Contains 52 cards and 2 jokers


What are the joker rules in the game "Rummikub"

Jokers in Rummikub can be used as substitutes for any numbered tile of any colour to make up a valid combination.

What card games do you use the jokers in?

Um, go fish sometimes. In war, it's the highest card sometimes. Some games use it as a wild card. And I'm pretty sure there is a game actually called "Joker". Where the Joker is the most important card. Actually there is a game called "the joker" which requires 4 people (3 minimum but then you have to take out the or heart set) and also a game called "Japanese joker" which has similar rules but is played between 2 people. in those games the Joker is the highest trump card so if you get both of them in one hand and have decent cards, than the round is yours(if you're smart enough). My op…

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