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4 Important Rule Changes That Make Every Game More Fun

Rules are a necessary part of every game, the main reason we can have competitive pastimes that aren't just about hitting each other with sticks.

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Well, not just about hitting each other with sticks.

But games comes in all forms, whether they're board, card, or video, and although all these forms of games come with "official" rules, sometimes those rules aren't always the most appropriate. Because these games are played by people with wildly varying levels of experience, ability, and competitiveness, the official rules are often tweaked to suit each particular group's needs. These variations are called house rules, and whether they're done to make the game more fun or more fair, they can dramatically change how the game is played.

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There. Much better.

#4. The Tweak

As Seen In: Putting Money on Free Parking

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in the world, and everyone knows the rules to it, so no one has to read the rule book, because seriously: What's that going to tell you?

That the dog's the best, that's what.

And because no one's ever actually read the rules, unofficial variations to those rules have become incredibly commonplace. The most famous is the rule that says you win money for landing on Free Parking, a tweak that is decidedly not part of the official rules (which no one's read).

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"Honey? Do you have two dice handy? It says we need to roll an eight or higher to park here."

Why It's So Important:

It ruined the game, for one. That's kind of a big one, actually.

The reason this tweak came into being is obvious. The game is mostly played by kids, and kids are greedy idiots. Getting money is fun! Who wouldn't want that?

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