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How to play card game Cribbage-Rules and Variations

Traditional Cribbage Wooden Board


Type of Game Age Required Decks Required Number of Players
Family, Gambling Adults, Teenagers, Kids Single Deck(52 Cards) 2 or 3

It is a game played with 2 peoples which can be extended up to 4. A cribbage Board and single deck is required to play cribbage. It was invented by an English Poet, Sir John Suckling. It is a game of chance as well as skill.

Cribbage Board

It is a Wooden Board with holes in it throughout the Board. It is used to keep track of score of both the dealer and player throughout the game. Pen and Paper can also be used to keep score but scoring occurs all the time as the board speeds up the scoring. Wooden Pegs are used to point the current score of the player. Inserting the wooden pegs along the Board is known as “Pegging”. In case a player loses its track two wooden pegs are used by both the players. A new board has been designed with 3-4 rows with 121 holes which is ideal to play 121 point game and can also be used for 61 point games.

Cribbage for 2 playersPlayers

Cribbage Board is designed for 2 players but 4 players can play making a team of two.

The Deal

It is played with a single deck. All suits have the same rank. Single deck is shuffled and both the player and dealer cuts the card. They will draw cards again if both players draw cards of the same rank. Whoever has the lowest hand would deal first. After that the turn would be dealt alternatively with the exception that the player will deal first who has lost the previous game if one more game is played.

Six cards are dealt by the dealer from the single shuffled deck to both him and the player facedown. After that two cards having the lowest rank are given by both players to form a crib. Now both have left with 4 cards.

Number of players Cards initially dealt to the Crib Number of cards discarded by every player Cards Initially dealt
Two Zero Six
Two(Other Variant) Two One Five
Three One


The objective is to make 121 points before the other player. Points are awarded to make different card combinations. Some games are also limited to 61 points.

The Crib

In standard game in which there are 2 players, each dealt with 6 cards. They both have to discard 2 cards each forming a CRIB which would be utilized later by the dealer. After the crib is formed, both player and dealer are left with exactly four cards each. All the four cards are face down and are not used by the dealer until all the hands are used.

Bicycle Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Game
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