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A number of special tags are supported to link to BGG and RPG Geek content. These items will link to the appropriate page and subsititute the name of the game, designer, publisher, etc.

NOTE 1: A thread refers to a series of posts made within the either the main forums, or the game forums. An article is a particular post within a thread. The article may or may not be the first post in the thread. The article ID number for the first post in a thread will almost certainly be different than the thread ID number.

NOTE 2: Links to a BGG person work for both the designer tag and the person tag. There is not an artist tag set. The person/designer tag sets don't check if the "person" in the BGG database is a designer, artist, or just someone famous within the board game community.

NOTE 3: Links to a BGG publisher also work for the company tag.

NOTE 4: You should use Filepageid for files, not fileid. Filepageid is the number of the filepage. Most of the time the number in needs to be different from the number of the file page. If you want to use fileid for some reason, you can find the fileid when looking at the HTML source of the file page, search for the filename or description and you will see something like on filepage 78382, so you need to use .

Best board games for a date?

by ---

Can anybody suggest a good, fun boardgame to play on a night in with a guy you've been dating a month and a half or so? He says he's always wanted to just hang out on a week night and play a board game but none of his girlfriends have ever been into it. I happen to LOVE board games, but my favorites are ones he doesn't like (Monopoly, Risk, etc.) I admit I haven't been board game shopping in a while, can anyone suggest something cool with rules that aren't too complicated?

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