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Ten Tips for Teaching Board Games & Rules Explanations

Turn Cell Phones Off During Board GamesSpecial thanks to Carlo Sobral for all his help developing this great list of tips for teaching board games.

Euro style games can seem overwhelming at first, but as you learn how to play them, you quickly begin to appreciate the complexity and level of strategy.

And if you’re an avid Euro gamer, it’s also likely that you frequently introduce your friends and family to new games. This could have varying degrees of success, depending on how the game is taught.

Teaching a Euro game isn’t just about buying some game you’ve never heard about and cracking open the box with a bunch of friends for the first time, reading the entire rulebook out loud as you all try to figure out how to play the game. If you’re looking for a positive experience with a new game, that’s not the ideal way to pursue it.

Here are ten tips to keep in mind as someone teaching others how to play a new Euro-style board game:

The More Prepared You Are When Teaching a Board Game, the Better

Explaining the Rules for Board GamesThis might seem obvious, but this includes more than you might think. From your own standpoint, as the instructor, you should know the rules of the game inside and out. You should be ready to answer any question without having to refer to the rulebook (except, perhaps, for specifics like point values in some of the more complex games). Ensure all players know approximately how long the game will take before you start, so they know what they’re getting into.

Everyone should put away their phones. Have you ever had to re-explain something before a game or remind someone it’s their turn during one, because they’re looking at their phone? Same goes for the rulebook. Other players shouldn’t be browsing through the rulebook while you’re explaining, because they’re going to miss what you have to say. Also, have the board set up in advance with all pieces in place, so new players can more directly follow your explanation of the game. Cheat sheets that provide a brief outline of the rules are also helpful.

Tips How to Teach Board Games Lay the Framework When Teaching Board Games How to Teach Settlers of Catan Starting to Teach the Rules for Board Games

Best board games for a date?

by ---

Can anybody suggest a good, fun boardgame to play on a night in with a guy you've been dating a month and a half or so? He says he's always wanted to just hang out on a week night and play a board game but none of his girlfriends have ever been into it. I happen to LOVE board games, but my favorites are ones he doesn't like (Monopoly, Risk, etc.) I admit I haven't been board game shopping in a while, can anyone suggest something cool with rules that aren't too complicated?

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