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Contestants are asked a series of general knowledge questions, all of which have true or false answers. However should they get just one wrong, then the three other players can steal the game from them. The final sees the contestant in play attempt to win the jackpot, either on their own, or with the help of another player, in return for a share of the jackpot, which starts at £1000 and increases by £1000 each time it is unwon.

Two complete games are played in each 45-minute episode. Each starts with four contestants - "we like to call them The Usual Suspects", says Nick Knowles, whom we like to call Mary Poppins. And we could probably work up a better justification for our renaming than 12 Yard could for theirs. It would appear that the name may be due to the image of the contestants on the screen reminding someone of the poster for said film, though if we're honest, what they really look like is a team who've been banished to the question room having lost all their head-to-heads on (another 12 Yard show, of course - callbacks to other 12 Yard programmes will be a frequent feature of this show). Did they ever consider Muppets From Space, we wonder?

How many contestants does it take to change a lightbulb? More than four, evidently.

So anyway, one of The Living Dead (sorry, which movie was it again?) is randomly selected to take part. The selection is computerised and represented on screen by the names flashing up in quick succession, which looks rather feeble. Another 12 Yard show has a proper random selection device they could borrow, and since they've borrowed just about everything else, it seems a shame not to go the whole hog.

The player has the briefest of brief chats with Mary before the quiz proper begins. In each round there are four true-or-false questions, and the player has 45 seconds to answer them all. Only the first answer counts, and each question has to be answered before the next is revealed.

Brybelly Perfection Game
Toy (Brybelly)
  • Perfection Game
  • Perfection is a race against the clock! Can you put all nine shapes back in place before the timer runs out and the board pops up?
  • Comes with nine fun pieces, including a fish, heart, cloud, turtle, moon, duck, dinosaur, sun, and flower. A game unit, timer, pop-up tray and instructions are also...
  • Perfection is recommended for one player ages 4 and up
  • Includes retail packaging & instructions

Yes you'll need a medical release

by --

And it needs to be notarized. leave your kids med/vax records in case they're needed. stock the fridge with snacks and easy prep food/dinners then leave 150-200 for whatever. leave specific instructions for that money though. Is it okay to take the kids out for a movie with some of it? don't spend it on a board game or something? only use in emergency?

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Hasbro Perfection w/free storage bag
Toy (Hasbro)
  • Get all nine pieces in place before the timer goes off
  • Tray will pop and pieces will fly
  • Recommended for 1 player ages 4 and up
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Hasbro Hasbro Hasbro PERFECTION (RACE THE CLOCK BEFORE THE PIECES POP!) (Age: 5 - 12 years)
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  • 1 or more players
  • Contents: 25 geometric shapes, game unit with timer, pop-up tray and storage compartment, label sheet, instructions
  • 60-second game play
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Milton Bradley board game commercials
Perfection - Board Game Review
Perfection - Board Game Review


What is the board game perfection

You put 25 different shapes into holes in tray before the timer runs out! When the clock clangs, the tray scatters pieces!

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