Mattel board Games Instructions

Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game (1980)


Play alone or against a rival warrior and the dragon computer. 2 skill levels.

Find your way through the labyrinth on a touch-sensitive electronic board. Electronic sounds help you locate labyrinth walls. Walls shift with each new game.

Watch out! Electronic sounds tell you the dragon is after you. Find and steal the treasure before the dragon gets you, and you win!


  • 4 diecast metal playing pieces -
  • 2 warrior figures approx 1.5" (3.7 cm) tall,
  • 1 dragon figure 2.3" (5.8 cm) tall, and
  • 1 treasure piece 1.2" (3.1 cm) by .68" (1.7 cm) by .7" (1.8 cm).

  • Wood Expressions Inc. Classic Cribbage Set - Solid Wood Continuous 2 Track Board with Metal Pegs
    Toy (Wood Expressions Inc.)
    • 2-lane continuous race track score board with 90 point skunk line and numerical notations
    • Natural wood board measures 16 x 3.75 x 8.75 inches
    • Set includes 4 metal pegs (2 gold, 2 silver)
    • Sliding metal door beneath board hides storage compartment for pegs
    • Instructions and history of cribbage included

    Many children in my neighborhood walk about

    by lesbian4faith

    1'2 mile to daycare/preschool in wind, rain, and snow because family has lost cars to being unable to maintain repair cost/towing/parking regulations usually making it more difficult for mother to work. Many of these kids get only what arrives from an agency/toy drive.
    If the utilities get turned off, then the family is evicted and they become more homeless families living on the street. Often the families request coats, boots, basic school clothing. A doll or a truck or a game is a welcome toy. I remember receiving used board games as a child, missing pieces and instructions. I held on to them, I looked at them often and wondered how to play the game. I got laughed at by children who had new toys.

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    Wood Expressions, Inc. Cribbage and More Travel Game Pack
    Toy (Wood Expressions, Inc.)
    • Combination travel game set Ð Features dice, cards & cribbage
    • 2-track folding wooden cribbage board with 4 metal pegs Ð 5.2 x 3.9 x 1.2 in.
    • 5 wooden dice and one deck of cards
    • Cloth bag with drawstring closure perfect for travel
    • Instructions for 12 different games


    How can I get the instructions for the mattel "cars" tractor tipping game?

    I found a mattel site, but this game wasn't there anyone know how to play?

    I would search wiki answers or ehow, If the game was recalled you might have a hard time finding them but the only sarge was recalled.

    How do you play mattel's tip it board game?

    From their website:
    "TIP IT® GAME Tip It® is the ultimate balancing game requiring concentration and skill! Each player spins the pointer to find out what color disk to remove- without toppling the logo. It’s not as easy as it looks! Fun for the whole family. Closed box. Ages 5 and over."
    Mattel didn't list parts for sale, so presumably you can't get a instruction manual from them. Several people on own the game, perhaps you could ask them for a scan of the rules:

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